Everything you need to know about Pinterest.

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Pinterest is a social media mobile and web application. It is an online service that allows its users to share images via social networking.  The example of Pinterest is that it is site which gives it users a “pin board” by which user can post and share their idea with their friends.

It is launched in January 2010 by Ben Silbermann, Evan Sharp and Paul Sciarra. It is a free website, you need to register only. Users can easily upload and save different images from pinboards.

Who uses Pinterest?

It is the platform dominated by female audience approximately 68 percent is active Pinterest users. Another important point to be remembered is that users spend more time on Pinterest as compared to other social networking sites like Facebook and twitter.

Why Pinterest famous among all social media.

  • Pinterest increases conversion rate much faster :

Yes, whether you believe or not as compared to other social media platforms Pinterest generate conversion rate at much faster pace. This is due to the fact that Pinterest is made with sole objective that is facilitating the business growth of small scale business and to support development of startups.

So if you are thinking of promotion your business via creative images and photos then Pinterest is the best platform for you.

  • Pinterest does not require backlinks:

Another great quality of this platform is that unlike other social media platforms Pinterest doesn’t require backlinks for optimization. On Pinterest every pin has a link which makes it easy to lead it back to the source of image. In simple terms Pinterest relieves you from adding backlinks because every pin interest acts like a backlink.

  • User engagement is really high:

As clear Pinterest is not just social media platform but it is a unique social media platform which fulfills the multiple roles of socializing and commercializing. It means by using Pinterest, user can also establish relationship at the same time promote their business.

Majority of users on Pinterest just utilize this platform to search find and share things with small groups of people.

  • Pinterest is cross platform compatible:

The great quality of Pinterest is that it is compatible with your site, Facebook, twitter and other social media platforms. Pinterest grants ability to its users to post new pins to their news feeds for others to see. Some business owners may not find this cross platform compatibility that is helpful. It has features of great usage.  We can also say that Pinterest is versatile platform that allows sharing of content with other social media platforms also.

  • Discover what your audience loves:

Just like twitter Pinterest also allows its users to see what is trending right now. The user on Pinterest is free to follow anyone who follows them back to see what inspire them. It is the platform which gives its user the opportunity to see and understand what is latest or hot trending topic. The user can also utilize that information to position their products and offerings.

  • Hashtag :

Since Pinterest is visual based social networking site design and developed for supporting small business and entrepreneurs. On Pinterest you can use Hashtag based on keywords. Make sure that you don’t use more than three Hashtag. Only use one or two that should be sufficient. Beside it would be advisable if you use keywords in a caption style since the platform is visual based.

  • Utilize Pinning feature to the fullest:

Pinterest is the sophisticated social media platform design for supporting business and enterprise industry. Therefore, one thing you need to do is to pin your own products and items. By doing this you can share products and items with other users easily.

The best method of utilizing pinning feature is to arrange your products and items according to the taste and preference of consumers and divides them into categories. Such as separate board for women products, board for kids and so on.

By arranging and organizing the products in different categories will attract more traffic towards your site.

On a concluding note we can say that Pinterest is the unique social networking platform. Globally it has women users in majority.  Anyone can use this site. A housewife uses this to take ideas, a retailer can promote their brand and an established businessman also expands their presence on Pinterest. They can promote their company online after creating business page on Pinterest. If you used wisely then it can boost your business growth.

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