Everything you need to know about Google algorithm tracking tool ‘Algoroo’

Google algorithm tracking tool Algoroo

Google algorithm updates can puzzle anyone in the SEO world. Every webmaster knows that Google makes thousands of update and changes in Google algorithm every year. Some changes are minor and some are major. Now the major changes easily catch the attention of digital marketers, webmasters, and SEOs. What about minor Google algorithm updates? Hardly people notice them. But you no need to worry. You know why because Google algorithm tracking tool ‘Algoroo’ will help you out in tracking both major and minor Google algorithm update.

Are you aware of the tool Algoroo? If not, then read this article which is a complete guide on Algoroo. I will start with the basis.

Let’s dig in now.

What exactly the tool Algoroo is?

In very simple words, Algoroo is a Google algorithm tracking tool built by DEJAN. It is an Australian based digital marketing agency having worldwide reputation and renowned for excellence and innovation. Algoroo is an excellent tool for tracking all kinds of Google algorithm updates. You get comprehensive overview and analysis of changes affecting SERP (Search Engine Results Page). The tool also monitors over seventeen thousand keywords for your website. The system monitors carefully selected keywords and looks for fluctuations.

Let’s now understand the meaning of ‘roo’ in the word Algoroo.

Roo is basically made up of negative and positive movement included in to create a single SERP flux metric which is known as ‘roo.’

Roo is divided into two forms:

  1. High roo value – it indicates a high volatility in Google’s search results.
  2. Low roo value – it usually appears on an ordinary day, and doesn’t get affected by any algorithmic changes at Google.

Let me also tell you that Google doesn’t always reveal internal updates and algorithm changes, when they do, the tool adds it as an annotation on the graph.

Look at some of the features of Algoroo tool below

  • The first feature you have about Algoroo tool is that it provides you both mobile and desktop data.
  • You get data from 7 days to 2 years altogether.
  • You can also alter the time period of report through drag and drop button.
  • The tool provides you quick snapshot of the SERP volatility of your website.
  • Google algorithm changes integration
  • Weekly winners and losers integration
  • With updated calendar, you can easily see previous changes and updates as well as opportunities to include widgets on your blog.

How helpful Algoroo is for your SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is an integral part of your website. You can’t afford to ignore it. When you use Algoroo tool for tracking Google algorithm update, it also helps you improve your SEO performance quickly and efficiently. How algoroo tool is helpful for SEO? The tool keeps track of 17,000 keywords to 100 positions on the SERP, and calculates all of this data to find patterns and fluctuations.

The more update you get to know about Google algorithm, the higher level of performance you will see in SEO.

Let’s move little further and learn about the benefits of Algoroo tool below.

Benefits of using Algoroo tool

– Offers much wider data set

Algoroo tool offers a much clearer display with the important data front and centre. You also get to see weekly winner and loser data appearing beneath the bar chat. Algoroo has a little touch like the chart indicates the data on the X-axis of the graph. The tool is very easy to interpret the data from a top level.

– Monitors thousands of keywords

Algoroo tool is best for pointing out changes and updates taking place in the last month. And it also monitors about 17,000 keywords to 100 search positions on the SERPs and calculates the data to find fluctuations and patterns. Moreover, its flux metric called ‘roo’ shows whether or not there’s been any volatility in the search rankings or not.

– Provides you snapshot of SERP volatility

Search Engine Results Page volatility is the constant change in the position of website ranking in Google’s search results pages. So whenever there are any algorithm changes in Google, you can notice a fluctuation in your website keyword ranking. This ups and down or fluctuations in website ranking is called SERP volatility. And Algoroo tool is best for providing you snapshots in the ranking changes occurring in your site.

The bottom line

Algoroo is the well-known Google algorithm tool that you can use to monitor the performance of your site with the update taking place in Google algorithm. With this tool, you can monitor the website ranking fluctuation and keyword performances as well. I have talked everything about Algoroo tool in this article. I hope you have read the article thoroughly. Now you can give it a try to analyse the performance of Google Algorithm update.

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