Drive more traffic to your website using Google posts.

more traffic to your website using Google posts

Any online marketer or location-based business sees an opportunity to bring in more customers. As a digital marketer, you always think out driving more traffic to your site and stand out online globally. You always ask a question to yourself, what’s the great way to increase your client’s visibility and drive traffic? Well, I have got good news for you! Google Posts, it is a powerful new feature that enhances local business search results, is now available to any company with a Google My Business Account.

So, this blog will share some tips on how to use Google Posts to drive traffic to your site, but before know about Google posts below.  

What exactly Google Posts are?

Google Posts launched in the year 2016. This is basically business controlled posts that display inside the knowledge panel section of Google search results and Google map pages. The posts can include 100-300 words. It is a great way for small businesses to post short updates on Google My Business Profile, which will appear in search results. A post may include an image, a description, and a call to action and has a limited validity of one week.

Furthermore, these posts are used to provide updates, promote an event, or make an announcement, such as a sale or special offer. Google Posts are free for all irrespective of the budget of your business.

Way to use Google Posts.

To use this feature of Google Posts, your business must have a Google My Business Profile set up. After that log into your dashboard and navigate to the business location you would like to post for. Now you’re ready to create a post of 100-300 words caption and also add a catchy image or picture to gain some extra attention.

And if you’re not using Google My Business yet, then you must create your account on this and sign up for a profile.

What should you post on Google Posts?

This is an important question for all businesses that what they should post on your Google Posts. Right! So, here I present some ideas that will help you to post on your Google posts profile.

  • As a businessman, you must always share events that are happening in your business place.
  • Always try to promote your sales which are offering heavy discount to people who find you online on your Google posts account.
  • Whenever you get new products in your stock, make sure you make an announcement about new products, so that people get to know that you take online orders as well.
  • If you operate a blog, Google Posts will also help improve your sales contents. Sales-oriented blog posts are great to promote on Google Posts.
  • You can also update whether your business is going to be opened in special hours or holidays or not.  Let your searcher know with the post.
  • Post your online booking portals so that your customers can book an appointment directly on your profile.

Now some tips on creating posts

  • Keep your posts copy clear and concise so that it is easily understood by people. Only the starting 80 words will display before readers, to read more they have to click on the post. So, try to write best in those 80 words.
  • Only reading material will not fetch you more customers, you have to include some eye-catching images to your posts. You can use an image that look like buttons as it will help you increase click-through rates.
  • Never forget to add a button to your posts. When you add a button to your posts, it will let people click on the post to learn more and visit your site.

Putting it all together…

Let me make the conclusion very clear, Google posts can bring huge benefit for both the SEO and marketing strategies of both big and small companies. As we know that Google Posts is free for all so any business takes advantage of it. Google posts help your business stand out and provide a direct, controlled, one click-path to a specified page on your site. In this post, I have mentioned everything which helps you drive more traffic to your site. Now, you just need to implement it in the right direction.

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