Dominating SEO Trends in 2019

SEO Trends in 2019

It’s a job of every online marketer to jump in the bandwagon. Some do jump and some just don’t. Wait!! Wait!! Here ‘jump’ doesn’t mean to jump in the well. Here ‘jump’ means to identify and adapt to the newest trends. As after the arrival of 2019, many things have changed in the digitized world. If I talk about internet then it becomes the focal point where customers seek goods and services. With millions of people online today, businesses find ways to establish an online presence for themselves.

Therefore, just staring a blog or website isn’t enough for business. Search Engine Optimization is a backbone when it comes to online presence. To maintain search relevancy, you always need to adapt to the dynamic environment of SEO. As Google alters all year round, so does search engine optimization.

With the year 2019, SEO also has come up with many new trends that will help businesses to make their online presence to the top. So it’s time to ask ourselves: what changes can we see in SEO in 2019?

I am going to highlight some trends that is being used in SEO for this year

Changes or dominating trends in SEO for 2019

1. Voice and Video Search

Voice search ratio is increasing day by day. According to Google, 40% adult and 55% of teenagers are using voice search on a daily basis. That’s why it’s also going to become an SEO trend this year. Whereas, video search is also seen in a trend and is used by 75% of total mobile traffic in India.

2. Data Protection

Online security or data protection of users is a huge deal. There are still many vulnerable people who are exploited by malicious third parties and steal information about them. So 2019 trend of SEO will provide us with more security or data protection and make our online presence more secure.

3. Content Development

Developing quality content opens the path to high Google ranking. Always try to produce high-quality content so that users find something that will satisfy their needs 100%. And this is how it will help in increasing traffic to your website.

4. Involve an Influencer

Try to connect with an influencer that will help you improve your marketing campaign. You just need to get their approval of what you do. So you can find them on Instagram, Twitter, Quora, etc. These are the easiest way to connect with them.

5. Mobile First Index

It simply means optimization of mobiles. Web developers are developing more friendly websites to attract more mobile users. In simple words, things are getting easier for online business owners to adapt.

6. Usage of Multiple Languages

To promote the idea of globalization, web developers are trying to provide information in multiple languages. It will help them to generate a greater number of clicks and address the user’s preference. SEO professionals too considering to enable multiple language to share information online.

7. Website Speed Enhancement

Speed is a ranking factor in any business. And it’s one of the best trends in 2019. There is a tool ‘Google page speed’ which will help you to scan your website and finds out factors that are causing to your website to load slowly. It gives you the necessary advice to improve it.

There are many more trends can be found on SEO in 2019. But above are the crucial ones which might help you to understand the changes that occurred in SEO.

Now 2019 is ready to go, now its time to see what trend will dominate SEO in 2020. For latest updates and another interesting articles get in touch with us, till then keep reading.