Does Font Choice Matter For SEO?

Font Choice Matter For SEO

The ongoing debate which is prevalent in the digital marketing industry is – whether the font choice matter in SEO or not. Guys, this is actually a tricky question of whether fonts matter in SEO or not. But if we look at the readability then fonts do matter for audiences. Using rich looking fonts does engage the audience to read out the content. There is no hidden fact that fonts increases the readability of audiences and enhance their experience. And another fact is that fonts too can affect the performance of your website. And it’s true because the fonts you choose for your text can have a big impact on your website. But what about the impact of fonts on SEO? Do they really matter for SEO?

Guys, recently Google announced something about fonts and their performance in SEO. Let’s read the matter below.

Google says font choice does not matter for SEO

Last week of the May month, Google cleared that fonts don’t matter in SEO and they don’t even have any impact on ranking. Here read the official statement of Google:

John Muller of Google said, “the choice of font doesn’t matter for SEO.” He said just “use one that works for your site.” There is no such thing as an SEO friendly font. Use something you like and your web site visitors will like.”

Actually, a person asked Muller on Twitter, “Fonts affect the speed of the website? Any SEO friendly font for my new website?” In reply to this question, Muller said that fonts don’t matter in SEO.

Moreover, you can always choose fonts to improve the readability of your content. For example, you can choose the style of fonts such as Ariel, Comic Sans, Helvetica, Calibri, Candara, etc.

How should you choose your fonts for your content?

I have already told you that fonts do contribute to enhance your reading experience but they don’t matter in SEO and this is a different thing altogether. You will find different readers attracting different types of fonts. If a person like Comic Sans font doesn’t mean every reader will like it. You need to choose the font that is equally liked by all the readers. So below I’m going to share some tips for you to choose the right font for your content and readers.

– Choosing the right typeface

The first tip in choosing the right font for your content or reader is to choose the right typeface. Let me tell you what is a typeface. A typeface is a group of letters, numbers, and characters that all share the same design. And a font is made up of a typeface. So when you choose the right typeface, your unique font can help you draw attention, and overwhelm the content. But make sure to use the typeface that doesn’t have lots of swirls and curls.

– Pairing typeface

After choosing the right typeface, the second tip comes in the series of pairing the typefaces together. So when do you club typeface together? It is when you use different types of fonts in the same content there you need to maintain the consistency of readers by clubbing the typefaces together. For instance, you can choose the different typeface for your heading, title, and body text. Don’t do any mistake otherwise your readers will get confused and won’t be able to read your content.

– Selecting the right size

The last tip comes in the list of the selection of the size of the font. Here the size of the font depends upon your audience. Suppose if your audience is older then their eyesight might be weak then you have to use the large size. The large font will be a better option in any case (but don’t get too larger). Furthermore, you can’t deny that the font you use for your content does have an impact on your site.

Concluding note

Guys, the font does matte for your audience, your website and readability. But font really doesn’t matter in SEO and Google has also said this. If you want to enhance your user’s experience and improve the performance of your website then make use of unique fonts. You need to first identify what type of fonts are best for your content and your readers. So guys, let us know what type of fonts you are using for your website?

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