Do you know the importance of Mobile Marketing?

importance of Mobile Marketing

There are more mobile phones on the planet than humans. Do you agree with me? It is not wrong to say that mobile phones have become our necessity. And this is the reason that marketers are integrating mobile phones in their marketing strategy. 68% of companies have already done that and 71% of marketers believe that mobile marketing is core to their business.

Do you want to know the importance of mobile marketing in your business? Just keep reading the article.

Importance of Mobile Marketing!

Now you can see how important mobile marketing is for marketer. Your customers treat their mobile phones like someone is closer to them than their lovers, parents, or pet. For any marketer, mobile phones are best to promote their products in the market. Mobile marketing makes businesses succeed faster than the older form of marketing. Following are the points on the importance of mobile marketing:

– Quick access to services anytime

Mobile phones make it easy for people to access any service whatever or whenever they want anywhere. It’s an easy approach for a company to contact a customer via mobile marketing and a customer can send feedback easily.

– Time spent on mobile phones is increasing

It is estimated that around 72% of marketing dollars have spent in developing apps and advertisement for mobile platforms. If we look at Americans then they spend an average of 10 hours per day using mobile devices. It means you have over 500 hours per year per user to capitalize on.

– Mobile SMS is better than email

It’s very easy for marketers to send an SMS or MMS than sending an email. SMS has brought a tremendous change in marketing for marketers. Most marketers now prefer SMS over email. And now most of the users getting offers and discounts through SMS. According to research, SMS has an open rate of 98%, and around 90% of people who open the message will read it within three seconds.

– Makes customers relationship better

Customers can’t avoid using mobile. So, it becomes a great platform for you as a marketer for answering their calls and solving their queries via phone. It will help you build up better customer relationships and can differentiate you from your competitors.

– Mobile marketing reaches a wider market

Smartphones and tablets becoming popular devices for communication these days. They are smaller, handy, lighter, cheaper and more portable than computer and laptops. This shows there has been a rapid development in the field of mobile devices. And these developments mean marketers have a golden opportunity to share their marketing messages with their customers through mobile phones.  This allows them to reach a wider audience.

– Mobile has become an undetachable part of life

Mobile has become an indispensable part of our life and we can’t think of living without it as a lot of our work is done via mobile. It’s very handy and easily carries to anywhere and that’s the reason that it becomes a favorite device for e-commerce or e-shopping in spare time.

Way Forward!

The growing technologies in mobile devices have made it easier for marketers to do their marketing business in this digital world. Digital marketing is consistently evolving and mobile marketing has played a significant role in that strategy. Marketers need to understand the importance of mobile marketing and incorporate it into their digital marketing business as well.

This is what brings more revenue, more sales lead and more customers in their business. Get in touch with us for interesting articles.