Do you know about influencer marketing?

influencer marketing in digital marketing

Get insights of influencer marketing.

What is influencer marketing?

It refers to the process of researching, scouting, engaging and supporting people who create long lasting impact about your products, brands or services.

Influencer marketing is growing trend on these days but not so easy to implement, it takes time. In simple words influencer’s marketers involves those persons who are experts in your industry or business. As a business owner you use them to influence the people to purchase or use your products and services.

Now comes on benefit of influencer marketing. So let’s get started:

  1. Establish credibility and trust

When established influencer in their respective industry share content or promote your brand. Then it immediately impacts the minds of the consumers and creates the message that the brand is relevant and trustworthy.

The consumer got the message of brand from industrial leader and they are prestigious in the market. All this happens when you find suitable influencer in form of industrialist or expert of your respected business or industry.

For example: If you deal in digital marketing and your brand or product get promotes by ‘Neil Patel’ the expert of the industry. Then Neil Patel is the influencer here who is influencing the people to use your products or business.

2. Turns your brand into a hot topic

Another great benefit of influencer marketing is if you implement it successfully then the popularity or fame of your brand in the market skyrocketed. The influencers of your respective business become the driving force behind the rising trends and new ideas, products in the market.  Once you integrate your brand with suitable face (influencer) then it reflects your company as emerging force in the respective market.

For example: If your brand deals with Ayurveda medicines then the influencer of your brand will be ‘Yogi RamDev’. Then nobody can stop your brand to touch the sky in respective market.

3. Influencer marketing increase conversion rate

These days everybody small or large businesses or entrepreneurs applies digital marketing to drive their business growth. But the competition was so tough. After investing so much on digital marketing the companies don’t get desired results. This situation gave rise to the influencer marketing including in social media.

Influencer marketing strategy can inspire more consumers to purchase or use the products and services as compared to traditional digital marketing strategies.

The consumers these days before purchasing any product or item seek the advice from experts. Due to this every firm and brand try to scouting the suitable influencers for their brand.

Therefore if one your objective is to increasing sales and maximize your profit then influencer marketing is right there available for you.

For example: If you are a tech savvy then you must heard about YouTube channel “Technical GuruJi”. Many famous brands like Samsung promoting/advertising their product through technical expert Gaurav chaudhary  a.k.a technical GuruJi because the channel has subscriber base of millions.

4. Increase in ROI

As I mentioned above how can you increase your sales and maximize your profit by implementing influencer marketing technique? What will happen after your conversion rate increased? it simply means that your return on your investment is also increased.

So not only for increasing conversion rate but influencer marketing is the best method for increasing ROI in short amount of time. Hence we can say that another great benefit of influencer marketing is that it can results in increase in ROI.

5. Connect with audience where they spend most time

This is a universal fact that social media is become a part of our daily lives. Nowadays majority of people spend maximum of their time on social media platform like Twitter, SnapChat, Facebook, Instagram etc.

Influencer’s help brands to promote their business on these social media platforms, allows the brand to attract more new users to their brand via social media.


By understanding above mentioned points we can say that impact of influencer marketing going to rise in coming days. But the only drawback of influencer marketing is that it requires time to implement. It is not a Fast paced process but if you will be able to find the perfect influencer for your brand then your brand name and value will rise in less time.