How to use conversion rate optimization to convert traffic into revenue?

As a website owner, you surely want more traffic and more conversion rate to your site, right? Of course, this is what the ultimate goal of any site owner because getting more traffic means more conversion rate. But hold on a second here! What if your entire traffic doesn’t covert into sales, content download, or sign up to emails? Now suppose, you are getting tremendous amount of traffic to your site but how will you convert that traffic into revenue? With the help of conversion rate optimization (CRO). I guess you are aware of CRO if you’re into digital marketing world. Nevertheless, the definition goes – conversion rate optimization is the process of increasing the number of visitors to your site as they take the desired action i.e. purchasing.

conversion rate optimization

How does CRO actually convert traffic into revenue? Do you want to know? Let me tell you that this article is going to be brief so keep reading till the end.

Let’s get started.

Conversion rate optimization – a good way to increase revenue to the site

Let me tell you that CRO is an effective way to get traffic and convert that traffic into revenue. But it can’t provide you result unless and until you leverage tools with it. Yes guys, with best and affordable tools, your site will be able to generate plenty amount of revenue. You will find a lot of tools available in the market. Which one is effective and fulfilling your needs, how will you know? If you have this question in mind, then next section will be your answer. Just keep reading below.  

Maximize revenue with the following conversion rate optimization tools

– Sumo

Sumo is very renowned email conversion tool for ecommerce websites. The tool basically helps you build a solid email list for your business. In fact, it uses pop-ups in a range of styles and formats just to help you obtain your conversion goals. If you want any kind of services related to email marketing, just get in touch with SearchGnext.

– Google Analytics

Who isn’t aware of Google Analytics tool? Every webmaster, SEO, digital marketer knows about this tool. It is a free tool given by Google. Basically, GA helps you know what users are exactly doing on your site. It allows you to check the performance of your site pages and where improvement is needed. Just follow the useful metrics with GA and not irrelevant metrics. Once you have data, you can get actionable insights and finally know how you can convert site traffic into revenue.

– Mixpanel

Another conversion optimization tool is Mixpanel. It is basically software that is made especially for product-focused work. The tool allows you to analyse user behaviour, target user groups and conducts test to see what works best to drive conversions. Finally, you also get idea of how to generate more revenue to the site after driving conversions.

– Kissmetrics

This is also one of the most famous conversion optimization tools available in the market. Kissmetrics helps you learn your customers’ behaviour deeply and engage your visitors based on their behaviour. Moreover, you can understand your customers’ entire purchasing journey and give them exactly what they want. However, Kissmetrics is not a fee tool; you need a subscription plan starting at $299/month.

– Hotjar

Like Google Analytics, Hotjar also tells you what your visitors are doing on your site. Moreover, you get idea of where your visitors are getting stuck and what areas of your site you need to improve. With Hotjar, you can also collect customer feedback, analyse forms, and build conversion funnels. However, the starting price of Hotjar is $30.00 per month. Well, you can also use free trail offered by Hotjar.

– HelloBar

This is the last CRO tool you have in the list. HelloBar is helpful tool that drives traffic to specific pages, specials, and promotions via header notifications, popups and overlays. Additionally, you have option to customize your message depending on who your visitors are.

The bottom line

Are you now ready to convert your site traffic into revenue through conversion rate optimization tools? Don’t forget that only getting traffic to site won’t work unless and until the traffic converts into revenue. If you want to run your site more effectively, you need to leverage CRO tools that I have mentioned above in this article. Now it’s up to you which tool you want to use to increase your site revenue. Make a wise choice.

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