The difference between content marketing and content writing

Content writing and content marketing – are two different terms but are used interchangeably. A lot of people don’t know the actual difference between content writing and content marketing and end up thinking both as same. Well, this is not true. You will think both the terms are associated with writing so what can be the difference. Guys, let me tell you that both terms hold the different meaning which every digital marketer must understand before hiring content writer and content marketer.

content writing vs. content marketing

Keeping this in mind, I have brought this article for you so that you can have a better understanding between these two terms.

So, without much ado, let’s get started with the basics first.

The definition of both the terms

Content writing

So, the first term we have with us is content writing. In very simple words, content writing is all about using the words in written formats to deliver information, entertainment, knowledge, data, to readers and audience. The information here is delivered through social media, ebooks, websites, product description, videos, and via advertisements.

Guys, content writing is simply writing on any given topic by the client and goals are also set by client only.

Content marketing

On the other hand, is a complete strategic marketing approach where content creator focuses on creating and distributing relevant and valuable content. This content help marketers attract their target audience and ultimately get profitable customer action. In digital marketing sectors, marketers use this type of writing to achieve something out of the content.

Let’s move further and understand the difference between these two terms.

The major difference between content writing and content marketing

The goal

Content writing: The goal of content writing is to introduce your audience in a very effective way through your content. The simple goal here is to engage, entertain, and inform audience.

Content marketing: Well, the goal here is to educate and engage your audience. The focus here is on writing the content and making it unique, informative, relevant, and user-friendly so that audience can easily engaged to it.


Content writing: has many categories to fall under which include direct mail, sales pages, landing pages, and infomercials. By posting content on such sites, you can easily persuade audience towards your product.

Content marketing: comes in multiple forms such as articles, blog posts, videos, podcasts, newsletters, email marketing, etc.  Producing content here is little cumbersome as not every writer can become content marketer. So, you can go with hiring a content marketing agency that will help you produce great content for your company.

Key performance indicator (KPI)

Let me tell you that both content writing and content marketing have their own KPIs. Let’s read what these are.

Content writing KPIs: No plagiarism, style, number of words/pages/articles, error free, etc.

Content marketing KPIs: Number of email subscriber, likes/comments/shares, pageviews, search engine ranking, SEO-friendly.

Time consuming process

Content writing: When it comes to writing content, then content writing isn’t time consuming process. Here writer can write content after researching, must have good command over language, and a good writing skill is must. Then the content is ready to publish.

Content marketing: On contrary, this is kinda time consuming process where not only writer research on a particular topic but also makes it search engine friendly. He should have excellent writing skills (persuasive writing), knowledge of search engine optimization, keywords, social media skills, email marketing tools, automation tools, and other relevant knowledge in this field.


Content writing: The strategy of content writing includes engaging content, serving information to audience, clients, understand the audience needs, and much more.

Content marketing: strategies include search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media marketing, creation of blogs and other types of content that are good to deliver information to target audience and drive sales leads and generate revenue.

The end

After reading this article, I hope now you have better understanding of what content writing and content marketing is. Now, don’t get confused with these two terms and use it interchangeably otherwise you would be in confusion every time. If you didn’t understand the difference yet then read the article again, it will help you gain better understanding eventually.

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