Clickbait Headlines: Everything you need to know to use it or not.

Clickbait Headlines

If you are in the digital marketing world then clickbait headlines will be a buzz for you. We all know the power of a headline in content. The more eye-catching engaging headlines would be, the more traffic will come to your site. The more focus marketers pay on headlines is because headlines make people click on the link and attract visitors to open that link particularly. If people like your content they will surely take a tour of your website. But here the headlines are not just headlines rather they are ‘clickbait headlines.’ Now the question here arises is whether you should use this or not. You no need to scratch your head. I will make it simple for you.

In this article, I will explain everything to you about the use of clickbait headlines. Don’t skip the article in middle otherwise, you will miss the important information.

Here we start.

What is clickbait headline?

In very simple words, clickbait headline is a sensational language that marketers use to entice visitors to either read or clicks through the desired page on your website. The clickbait headline is basically a type of hyperlink on your web page that entices a visitor to click to continue reading an article. Furthermore, the clickbait headline will make readers make further payment or registration to drive page views to a site. Some examples of clickbait headlines are;

Keyboard shortcut keys can save you hundreds of dollars a day

Is not using shortcut keys making your gain weight?

Why we love…

The ultimate guide to…

The last two examples of clickbait headlines might curious readers to know about the particular topic in great detail they are looking for.

The benefits of using clickbait headlines

Want to know how clickbait can benefit you? Just read below the following points.

– Increase brand awareness

The very first benefit of using clickbait is an increase in brand awareness. Every marketer’s aim is to increase the awareness of their brand in the market industry. When you share your posts to social media, people will follow you more and it will increase the awareness of your brand in the market worldwide. Brand awareness is a vital tool in digital marketing. If you create compelling clickbait it will surely enhance your brand awareness in the market.

– You get more pageviews

Without page view, you might not be able to build brand awareness of your company. Therefore page views are as important as anything. If pageviews are your only sole goal then clickbait is an excellent way to get them. With the help of clickbait, you can generate more pageviews to your site. However, you also need to pay attention to the source of traffic coming to your site for that you can use Google Analytics.

– Good for social shares

Without social media, you can’t think of generating traffic to your website. And without generating effective clickbait you can’t allure your audience. However, don’t expect people to share your content because they will only share if they find quality in your content. If your content is informative and relevant then people will likely share it with their friends and relatives. To encourage your social sharing of clickbait try and include emotions such as fear, anger, disgust, surprise, joy and sadness.

Now let’s move on to the drawbacks of clickbait

– Pageviews might not be that significant

Marketers might be jumping on the clickbait bandwagon but it might not generate the relevant results you are looking for. Today, the pageviews of the site might not have as relevance as it was earlier in clickbait. Not the attention is shifted towards attention minutes. Data scientists calculate attention minutes by measuring total attention on-site per hour/day/week/month, and total attention per piece.

– Misleading clickbait can damage brand trust

People don’t like brands that mislead them to take any action. It only breaks their trust in a particular brand they had. Some marketers intentionally deceive people for the sake of a pageview. It will not make them bounce away your page rather they will perceive your brand in a negative way. Therefore, don’t do this otherwise it will harm your reputation in the market.

Concluding Note

Let’s come to the end- using clickbait can be great fun for many marketers. And there is no such harm in using clickbait headlines in your content or website. But the problem comes in where you deceive your visitors and trick them to take any action on your site. This way people will surely leave your site in a second. In this article, I have explained about clickbait through its pros and cons. I hope now you have understood whether to use clickbait headlines or not.

For more informative articles get in touch with us, till then keep reading and keep sharing.