Bing Webmaster Tools announced three new features

Bing Webmaster Tools

The updates and announcements of adding new tools and features are not stopping even in this pandemic situation. Here I’m talking about new updates introduced in the Bing Webmaster tool. In February, Bing announced the new version of Bing Webmaster Tools. The tools which Bing announced made a faster, cleaner, responsive and actionable toolset for SEOs and webmasters. However, after releasing the tools, Bing started getting negative feedback from the users.

Therefore, to enhance user experience and provide them with a good user interface, Bing recently updated the Webmaster tool portal with 3 new amazing features. Do you want to know what these 3 features are? If yes, then keep reading the article till end.

Bing Webmaster Tool adds 3 new features

In the middle of this month, Bing made a major announcement on tools introduced in February. The tools are the Sitemap tool and the Backlinks tool. Bing announced that it will add 3 new features in the tools to enhance the user experience.

Fabrice Canel from Microsoft at SMX London announced three new features that migrated over to the tool. The three new features that moved from old to new version of Bing Webmaster Tools are url submission, block url, and crawl control.

However, the migration process if not yet completed because Fabrice said that the migration from old to new Bing Webmaster Tools will be completed by July 2020.

Let’s learn about the new features below.

The 3 new features migrated to the Bing Webmaster tools

URL Submission

This one is the most recognized Bing Webmaster Tool, now the tool is updated with a new feature. So users can submit URLs to Bing for real-time indexation.

Block URL

This new feature you can use to temporarily prevent any URL from appearing in the search results. Moreover, you can also use this feature to clear Bing’s cache for a URL in case you have updated the page.

Crawl Control

If you want to increase the speed of your site by Crawling then this tool is worth using. The feature here controls the speed of crawling of your site by Bingbot. You can also set the hourly crawl rate using a template or through a custom setup based on your site’s traffic pattern.

Do you want to know the previous features added in Bing Webmaster Tool? Just read below.

The previous features added in the first iteration Bing Webmaster Tool.


Here inbound links report was added in the portal integrated with Disavow links tool to become the new backlinks reports in the refreshed portal.

Search Performance

In search performance report, page traffic and search keywords are integrated as one.


The sitemap page was the refreshed sitemap page for the previous portal. 

Bing Webmaster Tool also announced OAuth2.0.

What the heck OAuth 2.0 is? I know you’re thinking this. Guys, with the announcement of 3 new features, Bing also announced OAuth 2.0.

So what OAuth 2.0 is? OAuth 2.0 is the industry based protocol for authorization. It grants internet users a website or application access to their information on other websites but without giving them the password.

Bing says that APIs can be accessed now through OAuth 2.0. This will enable delegated access to registered site owner’s data. Moreover, the OAuth option is present in the new portal in the “API Access” section under Settings in the header bar. Therefore, existing users of Bing Webmaster APIs no need to change anything as validation through API is operational.

The final words 

Finally, I just want to say that the new features added in the Bing Webmaster Tools are of significant use. They will surely enhance the user experience. I already told you that Bing added these features because of the negative feedback it was getting from the users. Therefore, the only way to turn those negative feedbacks into positive is only by adding new and amazing features for users. Moreover, Bing also added OAuth 2.0 feature to access APIs. You have a good opportunity to avail all the features now.

For more updates get in touch with us till then keep reading and keep sharing.