Bing has relaunched Site Explorer in Bing Webmaster Tools

Bing is a renowned search engine that comes after Google. Bing is almost like updating its tools and algorithms to provide SEOs and webmasters a great experience. Let me ask, do you also use Bing Webmaster Tools? In the webmaster tool, site explorer is a feature that displays how Microsoft Bing sees your site, and also shows how most URLs have been seen while indexing. Site explorer is a nice feature that helps the search engine understands your website. However, it is old but the interesting thing is that site explorer in Bing Webmaster Tools has revamped lately. Doesn’t it sound interesting? It does.

Image Credit: Bing

If you are a Bing user then this article is for you. Here you will read every minute detail regarding new site explorer. Are you all set to move ahead to read the article? If yes, let’s get started together.

Bing revamps Site Explorer in its Webmaster tools

Yes folks, it is true that Bing has revamped the site explorer feature in Bing webmaster tools. On October 15, Bing made an announcement that it has completely re-launched a new version of Bing Site Explorer. Moreover, Bing said that it is not a simple migration from the old Bing Webmaster Tools but building it from the ground up, new. It means the feature is still old but now changed totally.

Fabrice Canel from Microsoft Bing said, “This is a complete new experience, cleaner and far easier to use and complete new system to support this tool.”

From the statement, it is clear that the new version of Site Explorer will enhance user experience in real time.

How beneficial Site Explorer feature is for webmasters?

In the introduction, I told you that Site Explorer is great for webmasters as it helps Microsoft Bing, search engine to understand your website performance. Moreover, it gives SEOs information how Microsoft Bing, shows you redirects, broken links, gives you more data on clicks, impressions, errors, links, warnings, indexing issues, and many more. Also, it organizes all file-explorer like fashion. All this allows you to see your site in this tool, based on your file structure or navigation structure.

So yes, site explorer feature is very helpful for any webmaster or SEO to know the performance of their site on search engine.

Why Bing is revamping Site Explorer?

This would be a question of many of you, right. Here in this section you will get the answer. Let me tell you that Site Explorer is a feature that existed in old version of Bing Webmaster Tools. However, it was absent when the new version of Webmaster tools launched earlier this year.

Let me tell you that Bing isn’t migrating Site Explorer to the new Webmaster Tools, it is now completely revamping with a new interface and new features. Fabrice Canel from Microsoft Bing, “We now deliver a lighting fast experience, including on super large sites, and more actionable experience helping SEOs investigate quickly their sites.”

With revamped site explorer, you can easily see more clicks, backlinks, impressions, etc. Besides, you can request indexing within the tool and test any URL with its robots.txt tester tool.

Let’s dig deeper and talk more on Site Explorer.

What data you get to see in revamped Site Explorer?

Some of the important data you can see in Site Explorer include:

  • Indexed – How much number of URLs have been successfully indexed inside that folder.
  • Error – In this data, critical crawl errors which have led to not indexing of URLs.
  • Warning – This includes URLs with guidelines issues such as temporarily crawl issue, robot.txt disallowed, etc. Moreover, webmasters should periodically check for an increase/decrease in these numbers.
  • Excluded – Here URL links get exclude containing spam violation, low rank, etc.

These above data site explorer shows for each folder. However, Bing Site Explorer provides the same data for individual URLs within a folder as well.

Bing says that the combination of these features make Site Explorer “a one stop solution for checking the SEO status and healthy of your URLs.”

Let me also tell you that the revamped Site Explorer is well received by SEOs as of now.

Final words

The new Site Explorer will bring new experience to users in the digital marketing world. Should SEOs care for this feature? Of course, as an SEO you must care how a search engine crawls, index, and categorize their web sites. I would only say that this revamped Site Explorer will add glory to the user’s experience. And it is worth exploring this new feature if you want to see the performance of your website in real-time.

So what are you waiting for? Just check it out, it will be worth your time. For another updates subscribe our website, till then keep reading guys.