Best SEO tips for e-commerce

Want to increase your E-commerce site traffic then apply these SEO tips

SEO tips for e-commerce

What is E-commerce?

It refers to the process of purchasing and selling products online with the help of internet.

For example:  Purchasing a smartphone from on E-commerce sites like Amazon, Flipkart etc.

The story of e-commerce begins with first online sale on 11th August 1994. At that time a man sold his CD through his website. It was an American retail platform. Nowadays result of e-commerce is surprising. Online shopping is become most of the famous activity. Have you ever think how it grows drastically?

Through SEO techniques and tips applied to optimize the various search Google, yahoo etc. Therefore, today we are going to enlist some best tips for enhancing E-commerce business over internet.

Placing of keywords:

Keywords is an essential component of SEO but choosing right keywords for your content seems to be easy at first glance but it is not. Your keywords should adhere to content. For choosing the right keywords first you need to do in-depth research and analysis.

Always keep an eye on your competitors and try to find out what keywords they are using so you can get an idea what to do? If you are dealing in products or items that have very less competitors or complexities here, you can use long tail keywords your site ranking will improve quickly.  Besides long tail keywords also give clear explanation about your services. This can increase your conversion rate.

Duplicate content:

The extremely critical challenge in front of SEO professional who are indulge in optimization of E-commerce sites. It is the greatest challenge because majority of the content in E-commerce business comes in form of product descriptions. In product description even an SEO worker cannot do much changes because of the accurate technical specifications.

For example if a smart phone has 13 mega pixel cameras then you will not write it as 12.99 etc.  Very less scope of improvisation in description. Smartphone description will be written same whether you see it on Amazon or Flipkart. You may think it as a duplicate content but seller who is selling the product doesn’t have any other option.

Issue of duplication also depend on types of item or product, such as while writing the product description of consumer goods like clothes, shoes etc. seller still has a chance of improvisation. But while writing the product description of Electronic goods like smartphone, washing machine etc. there is no chance of improvisation.

Effectively optimize your product images:

The underutilized technique by SEO professionals in E-commerce business, the high selling products on any E-commerce site has Quality images of product.

The importance of SEO in images can be understood by the fact if you use Google image tool. By effective utilization of this tool you can drive potential web traffic at your site.  For this you can use “Alt tags” for describing an importance of an image on a page.

Converting web traffic into sales:

Most of the times focus of an SEO is to increase web traffic on a particular site or Webpage. But what about converting that traffic into sales? The percentage of consumers that are clicking paid advertisements on your site is increasing or not. Are they accessing to paid services from your site or not? All this is essential information which you should know about, for tracking the conversion rate you can take help of Google analytic tool currently a platform comes under Google marketing platform brand.

Google analytic tool will provide you information regarding prime source of your traffic, the devices used etc.

Quality navigation experience:

For making an SEO effort fruitful this is an essential factor needs to be taken in consideration.  Navigation means while visiting your site users doesn’t face any difficulty while searching any information or query on your site. It will provide the user quality experience and they will frequently visit your site. You will be able to earn loyal customer and higher rank in search results of different search engines.


Above mentioned tips are wisely chosen from long list and are best SEO optimization techniques for E-commerce business.