Best E-mail marketing software and tools for 2019

E-mail marketing

The Email-marketing refers to the process of sending commercial emails to a group of people. In other words every e-mail sent to previous and current consumers could be considered as E-mail marketing. Through this process we can send business request, advertisement and event invitations and many more things which are related to our business and wants to convey with customers at large scale.

For doing business with the help of E-mails we need some tools. So, now we are going to discuss about e-mail marketing tools. Let’s get started:

1. HubSpot marketing:

This system helps you to prepare and optimize attractive content and distribute it among right audience.

Essential features of HubSpot,

  • HubSpot marketing  is very useful for blogging and professional bloggers
  • This software can also optimize landing pages
  • It is capable in Social Media Monitoring
  • HubSpot marketing software is embedded with the feature of Lead Management.

2. Mailchimp:

It is a marketing automation platform and free e-mail marketing software. It allows you to send 1000 emails free. It is also free from advertisement. If your contact list is more than 1000 or you have excess use then you have to purchase the plan to use Mailchimp.

Essential features of Mailchimp,

  • It can send e-mail newsletters, drip email campaigns and transaction mails from one marketing app only.
  • This software can gain new subscribers with the help of landing pages forms.
  • It uses e-mail personalization to fill in names and Send emails at the correct time zone
  • The marketer can build its own e-mail designs with the drag and drop e-mail designer feature.

3. SendinBlue:

It is a SaaS (software as solution) for relationship marketing.

The company was founded in 2012 by Kapil Sharma and Armand Thiberge offers a cloud-based marketing communication software suite with e-mail marketing, marketing automation, transaction e-mail etc. 

Essential features of SendinBlue,

  • It is embedded with the feature of marketing automation.
  • SendinBlue is embedded with Send time Optimization.
  • Real time tracking is also possible with this.
  • It can send Transactional SMS

4. Constant contact:

This tool is best for small businesses. This will help you not only in sending emails but also it can generate leads and can boost your sale. With the help of Constant Contact you can build your brand also. Headquartere  of this e-mail marketing company is in Waltham, Massachusetts.

Essential features of Constant contact:

  • It can create responsive e-mails for your brand that will look great on any device.
  • Can also track e-mail results in real-time. 
  • It can build event, surveys and more.
  • This tool can store files and images online to share via e-mails 

5. Wix ShoutOut:

It is an e-mail marketing platform that makes it easy and simple to build, send and share outstanding e-mail marketing campaigns with your consumers.

Essential features of Wix ShoutOut:

  • It is embedded with the feature of e-mail campaign editor.
  • Many customizable templates it has through which marketer can customize its e-mails easily.
  • It is also embedded with the feature of contacts import and management.
  • Mailing list management feature is also available.

6. Zoho Campaigns:

It is an e-mail marketing solution to build, deliver and monitor e-mail campaigns. With the help of this tool you can maximize the sales and customer base. It gives you triggered based email facility which is essential for every email marketing. Through this facility it allows marketers to respond with automated messages according to user’s behavior.

Essential features of Zoho Campaigns,

  • It analyze your lists
  • It synchronizes contacts from different Zoho services
  • Zoho is embedded with flexible, customize layouts
  • This tool also can track recipient activity.

7. Mailjet:

It is an e-mail marketing platform that makes it easy and simple to build, send and share outstanding e-mail marketing campaigns with your consumers.

Essential features of Mailjet:

  • It can send marketing and transactional emails from same account
  • Mailjet provides you real time stats on opens, clicks and more
  • It is embedded with the feature of A/X testing for finding the best variants of your messages
  • It is also embedded with feature of API for Sending messages.

8. MailerLite:

It is an email marketing service provider. This tool is best suited to small businesses. It provides them a robust and powerful platform.

The platform which is not only powerful but also easy to use that supports existing content marketing strategies.

MailerLite Software also comes with an HTML editor feature allow you to create HTML email as per your convenience.

Essential features of MailerLite:

  • This software is embedded with the drag-drop editor feature.
  • It comes with in-built photo editing feature
  • It is also embedded with the feature of Web Forms
  • It has unique file manager feature

9. FreshMail:

With the help of this software you can create effective emails for your email campaigns. It gives you template editor to create eye-catching and effective marketing newsletters according to your use.

Essential features of FreshMail:

  • It comes with many effective and stunning e-mail templates
  • This tool is capable of doing Real-time email tracking.
  • It is embedded with features of “Span test” and “Free inbox inspector”
  • It can also capable of initiating automatic A/B testing.


Well there are so many tools and software available but we have chosen the tool which is most easy to use and widely popular. Apart from this most of the tools also comes for free or basic version. Some tools are especially for small business and some tools are only for those businesses which have been done widely. So you can try them first for free after that you can decide whether they are suitable for your business or not.

If you are looking for any kind of digital marketing services then you are at right place. kindly get in touch with us for more information.