Amazing ways to build a personal brand on Twitter.

personal brand on Twitter

Whenever we think about Twitter, the only thing strike in our mind is that Twitter is a place to rank about politics or the latest celebrity scandal. This is actually true because a lot of chit-chatting, scandalous, and sensational news first hit the Twitter platform. Isn’t it? You know guys; this is the reason why people don’t find it necessary to think about building a personal brand.

I want to tell you that today Twitter has 330 million monthly users and 145 million daily active users. Now you can’t think of ignoring this platform to build a personal brand. Can you? 

Guys, social media is all pervasive and Twitter is one such platform which is unavoidable. Don’t you want to know how you can build a personal brand on Twitter? If yes, then read below I will highlight some of the ways to build a personal brand.

Follow the given amazing ways to build your personal brand on Twitter

# Enhance and polish your profile

This is the most obvious step that you need to take to build a personal brand profile on Twitter. A sharp and attractive profile will easily take you from zero to hero. When you sharpen your profile make sure you do it in a way that will capture your audience’s attention. I am sure you are aware of the adage which goes like – the first impression is the last impression. Read the given points below to polish your profile:

  • Guys, you only have 140 characters to catch the essence of your business. Make sure you add the relevant keywords in your profile.
  • The profile photo is also a part of your profile. Twitter suggests using 400×400 pixels photo in size. A profile photo must be relevant to your brand.
  • You also need to focus on creating an attractive cover photo. Create a cover photo that promotes your upcoming event, or simply a visual display of your business.

# Build your brand voice

Do you think only visual creation will help you build your brand on Twitter? No guys, your brand needs some amount of voice that can shout out loud about your brand in the digital marketing world. As a brand, you need a defined voice that anyone can hear in every tweet and every piece of content you share. You also need to adjust your voice with the nature of your brand and audience you want to attract. Let me tell you here is that just be authentic in whatever you do to attract the attention of your audience. If you’re funny – be funny, people will appreciate your authenticity.

# Share quality content

Content is crucial to any site but sharing quality content is significant. However, consistency also plays a key role in content. The consistency in content and brand put their audience at ease. So if you consistently share value-packed content relevant to your audience and your niche, you will be able to position yourself as an industry leader. However, to produce more quality content, you must know and understand your audience. No one will ever know about your audience like you do. So try and put some extra effort and do some research and produce the content which your audience will like to read.

# Promote and brand your visuals

Visuals are another important form of content that shows immense power of visual marketing. Not everybody likes to read text-based content, right! Some prefer to see visuals such as images, and videos to know what the product is all about. So you should not forget to give preference to images that are consistent with your website and brand. Just try to make your brand easily recognizable and memorable. Guys, you can also hire a graphic designer to create your stylish images. If you’re not able to afford a designer, then there are some great apps that let you create great branded visuals such as Canva, Photoshop, etc. You can also take help from YouTube to produce brand images.

# Use hashtags to promote your brand

Hashtags are a powerful way to engage the audience to a particular topic that is trending. You can say that through hashtags, as a brand, you can get your content in front of a bigger audience. And yes branded hashtag marketing is much popular than any other. But don’t copy others hashtags rather create your own custom hashtag to tell a story or build a conversation around a topic. When running an event, you can promote your hashtags. So anytime someone sees the hashtags, they will get a reminder of your business.

# Participate in live Twitter chat

If you want to build a personal brand on Twitter then you have to interact with the Twitter community. You can participate in a live Twitter chat. You can talk about your brand, products & services; this is how people will notice your business and its contribution to the market. If they find you authentic, they will surely follow you. In addition, you will also build authority in a particular line which will be important for you to build a brand.

Final words

A strong and attractive profile on Twitter will help you build your personal brand on Twitter. You can achieve all your marketing goals from Twitter itself once you follow the ways to build a personal brand on Twitter. Also, be active daily and keep interacting with people so that they get to know more about you and your brand. So follow the ways to build a personal brand profile on Twitter that I have mentioned in this article.

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