9 latest SEO trends and tricks for 2019

Latest SEO Trends

For the better optimization follow these latest 2019 SEO tricks.

Implementation of SEO techniques is becomes a common phenomenon in the field of digital marketing these days. Almost every type of entrepreneur according to its capacity and budget execute SEO techniques with their online business.

But only some of them are able to achieve success. The reason is because they remain updated with latest trends and tricks. So therefore if you want to achieve success in your SEO application then follow these ongoing SEO trends.

1. Voice search optimization

The numbers of mobile users increased than desktop users worldwide. Nowadays people access internet with their smartphones only. It means SEO mobile compatible sites are rising. As an SEO professional you have to make sure that you optimize the voice search feature for improving the ranking of your site/webpage.

2. Video optimization

Visual based marketing and advertisement is on the rise because in this medium user can understand the message by both seeing and hearing.  Due to which today we can see that numbers of you tubers is growing in India therefore SEO optimization for YouTube is on the rise. So make sure you focused on this while preparing SEO strategy.

3. Producing quality content

Instill this in your mind that content is everything in the field of digital marketing. Site with quality content can achieve higher rank even without the application of SEO and Site with low-quality content get penalized even after best SEO efforts. You must have to focus on Google algorithm 2019 update and rank your sites.

It is better if you produce original, well research quality content. Internet user prefers uniqueness and different perspectives so take advantage of that and try to write engaging content.  It is also makes the optimization task of SEO professional much easy.

4. Protection of user data

Internet security is becoming challenge with ongoing technological development. New types of viruses and malwares are emerging. These can compromise user data so while doing SEO makes sure that you doesn’t compromise site/web page security.

5. Greater user experience

It means providing enormous surfing site experience when user visits your site or using any feature or functions it should doesn’t face any complexity. Your site should be easy to navigate for this you need to design user interface carefully keeping your target audience in mind. If your site user interface (U.I) is easy to operate them with less SEO efforts you can achieve great results.

6. Emergence of Blockchain technology

It is the technology on which Digital currency like Bitcoin functions due to the transparency nature of Blockchain technology, its implementation will increase in coming times. Possibilities of utilization of Blockchain in SEO are under progress and research is going on items like validating backlinks.

7. Influencer marketing

It refers to a person who has hold over your consumer market and who knows in depth details of the industry in which you are dealing. Nowadays only SEO techniques not enough to motivate the consumer to purchase the product or to use the services, that’ why they also hire these types of professionals who can influence the consumers to make a purchase. You can find these types of professionals easily on social media platforms.

8. Engaging long depth content

There is a misconception in the market that, users don’t like to read content in depth. Well this is not entirely true because if you are able to write engaging content no matter how long it is user will definitely read it. Organize your content properly, adopt suitable writing style based on your niche. User will get attracted by it and spend more time on your site. The higher spending time ultimately higher the ranking of your site.

9. Follow Google E A T standards:

This is essential for valuing your site higher in Google SERP (search engine result pages). By following E A T standards you can generate loyal website traffic which is not generally a one-time visitor. These are those who visit your sites frequently.


Above mentioned tips are wisely chosen from long list. By implementing these can make your site rank higher with less SEO efforts.