8 Twitter Tools you must have to use for power tweets

Twitter Tools

Facebook and Instagram have their own relevant space in the digital marketing sector. In we look at Twitter then it is also a great platform that marketers use to advertise new items, sales, or even topics facing the business. However, the content you write on Twitter allows only 140 characters. Though Twitter is a very simple platform, you will see constant information from followers which might be massive for you to handle. It becomes difficult for you to send out content to your followers. What you can do? Guys, this is not a big problem you can use Twitter tools for power tweets.

In this article, we will talk about the top 8 Twitter tools you can use for power tweets. So keep your eyeballs here and read the article till the end.

Top 8 Twitter Tools you must use for power tweets

#1. Tweetdeck

The first Twitter tool you should focus on is Tweetdeck. It is a dashboard management tool which gives users the ability to organize their Twitter and other social media accounts into easier to view and understand columns. The tool makes it easy to swipe swiftly between multiple profiles and DM and manage all interactions in a single go. The biggest benefit of TweetDeck is its ability to organize your Twitter audience into groups. It will also easier to create customized marketing communication.

Features of Tweetdeck

  • Notification alerts
  • Auto- update lists
  • Monitoring tools
  • Schedule tweets
  • LinkedIn column

#2. SocialOomph

Let me tell you that SocialOmph is one of the most favorite Twitter tools. The tool provides you a long list of services and auto-following. SocialOomph allows you to create a handful of automated reply messages to your followers. How it will work? It will actually choose a reply from your group to replies. Ultimately, you can schedule tweets for the future at any date, time, and frequency.

Features of SocialOomph

  • Helps you send recurring tweets
  • Allows you to delete all DM or Tweets
  • Auto send DM to new followers
  • RSS feed to tweet

#3. AgoraPulse

The next Twitter tool you can use to power tweet is AgoraPulse. This is the fastest growing social media tool supporting Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter itself. Therefore, this tool is can be one solution for your Twitter social media board. Let me also tell you that AgoraPulse mobile app is the best in the market.

Features of AgoraPulse

  • It can automatically delete spam and helps you get rid of trolls
  • Provides you Chrome Extension
  • Helps you schedule post and social media calendar
  • You can monitor all Tweets, mentions from a single screen
  • Its team feature lets you monitor all tweets to team members

#4. HootSuite

Who doesn’t know about HootSuite? It is a social networking tool that organizes your posts, tweets, and LinkedIn updates. You can use both free as well as paid versions of this tool. However, both provide the ability to shrinks links down, publish posts for later, organize the list into groups, profile researching, and analytics. Even if you manage multiple twitter accounts, HootSuite is a great add-on that lets you re-tweet across multiple platforms.

Features of HootSuite

  • Provides you A/B testing and access control
  • Automated scheduling and assignment management
  • Campaign analysis and scheduling
  • Mobile integration and mobile alerts

#5. ManageFlitter

Are you a smart Twitter user? If yes, then this Twitter tool is for you. The tool is great to make your Twitter profile more eye-catching and engaging. It also offers you advanced analytics and offers unique features like power-post. Basically, the power-post will automatically schedule your post for optimum visibility & engagement. This is a free tool that allows you to use it in a smart way. Moreover, you can unfollow all inactive Twitter accounts using ManageFlitter.

Features of ManageFlitter

  • Social engagement and analytics
  • Social sharing and ads
  • Helps you maintain social campaigns
  • Provides you content calendar and content curation

#6. Tweriod

Don’t you think a little bit of spying on social media is worth it? Yes, because there is nothing harm in watching and learning. And Tweriod is one such tool that helps you keep track of the time when most of your followers are in action. Using the Tweriod tool means getting to know your followers much better. Moreover, you can also use data from this tool to schedule your Tweets accordingly.

Features of Tweriod

  • Provides you best time to tweet
  • Helps you analyze both your tweets and your follower’s tweet
  • You get to know when your followers are in action

#7. Buffer

Like HootSuite, Buffer is a popular tool in the digital marketing sector. If you want to tweet in short bursts, the Buffer is a great tool for you. It means you can easily throw your daily content on the platform and then have an application automatically do the posting work for you. Whether you have a single account or multiple accounts, there is both a free and paid version available for it.

Features of Buffer

  • Social media and multi-media format sharing
  • Provides you analytics, insights, and informative social analytics  
  • RSS feed connectivity
  • iOS and Android support

#8. Audiense

The last tool left on the list is Audiense. This is a popular enterprise-level Twitter management tool that is available for usual users like you & me. It’s a certified Twitter product for every beginner. With the help of this tool, you can easily bulk follow, unfollow & find like-minded Twitter users. This tool is great for making the most out of your Twitter profile.

Features of Audiense

  • Helps you uncover Twitter follower key information
  • You can find new followers and target specific users.
  • Allows you to identify fans based on interactions
  • Accounts comparison tools

To sum up

These are the top Twitter tools that you should use to power your tweets. I have provided you a detailed analysis of each and every tool along with their features. I hope you understood them all. Now it’s up to you which tool you want to use for your Twitter.

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