8 best SEO free tools for your business.

Free SEO Tools,

Use these free SEO tools to enhance your business.

Search engine optimization is become necessity these days every type of business owner or entrepreneur is adopting and creating SEO infrastructure in their firm to survive in this high competitive business environment.

But not every industrialist or entrepreneur have enough financial resources to invest in highly in SEO therefore, today we are going to enlist 8 best major free SEO tools.

1.Google analytics

This is available free and easy to use SEO tool present on the internet. When it comes to providing data and in-depth details no other tools can comes any near Google analytic. By using this tool one can get better understanding of the visitors and their behavior on the website.

This tool is good almost every SEO professional will include this tool in their list. It will provide you each and every type of information and data such as site visitors, traffic and so on.

2. Google keyword planner

After Google analytic the next free SEO tool which made the great impact is Google keyword planner. This tool is best suited for planning and organizing search campaigns. By using this tool you can do research about keywords but for using this tool you need to have a Google Adwords account.

The best thing about this tool that creates Adwords its not confined itself to simple keyword research. That’s why it is the best keyword research its might cannot be matched by any other tool in this category.

3. Google page speed

It is the tool designed and developed by Google incorporation; it was developed to improve the website performance. User just needs to enter URL (uniform resource locator) in “pagespeed insights” and it will test the processing time, loading speed for both mobile and desktop. Apart from Pagespeed insights it also has other three components/programs of pagespeed family tools:

  • Pagespeed module
  • Pagespeed service
  • Pagespeed chrome Dev tools

4. Moz

Similar to Google this is also software firm which deals in inbound marketing and marketing analytics. It offers wide variety of marketing SEO tools that provides the services such as:

  • Link building
  • Keyword research
  • Site audit
  • Page optimization and many others

5. Google trends

As clear from the name it is the medium by which advertiser/marketer can get the details and information about latest ongoing trends in digital marketing.

It is website especially design to measure the popularity of search queries/topics on Google search across the globe.

Since it provides data and information regarding ongoing market trends which are essential for entrepreneur so that it can make improvements applied more efforts to remain one step ahead of its competitors. By deploying this tool he will get insight of changing market patterns and consumer demands.

6. Backlink checker by Ahrefs

It is a free backlink checker tool providing information regarding all backlinks linked with your domain. Backlinks are essential factor in measuring your webpage rank it determines the credibility of your webpage. If a webpage has higher backlinks it will appear higher on rank across the search engines.

7. SERP robot

It is an analytic SEO tool that gives reports regarding the performance of keywords on your site. It gives report and data regarding how your site performing in response of the particular keyword that is used. One can check ranking of its site at least up to 5-6 keywords. It is the tool that checks the ranking of site based on keywords.

8. GT metrix

Ranking of any site also depends upon the loading and processing speed. User these days has lack of patience. They want everything quick in this scenario if your site taking more than 15 seconds to load then user will move on to some other site. As, a result you lost potential traffic in order to resolve this GT metrix tool is developed. This tool will check your site loading speed and also suggest you the ways and tips for improving it. You can check your site loading speed anytime with the use of this tool.