7 Machine learning tools for digital marketing.

Machine learning tools for digital marketing

Machine learning has been a buzzword for digital marketing since it first introduced in the digital world. In this era of technical advancement, digital marketing is an area that is much likely to get enhanced in a big way. Therefore, machine learning in its truest form serves to speculate and examine the human behavioral traits of internet users to get the results accordingly. So, if digital marketers are able to read consumers’ interests, preferences, style, choices, and much more, this way they can structure their plans for much more efficiency in the realm of website traffic, conversion or lead rates, sales generation, engagement rates, etc.

To get the most in your digital marketing, you must use machine learning tools in your marketing strategy. So, I’m going to share with your 7 machine learning tools which can help you in your overall digital marketing campaign.

Let’s examine 7 machine learning tools for digital marketing

1. Rapid Miner

Rapid Miner is a machine learning tool which is a great platform to deep learning, data preparation, text mining, and predictive analytics. You can use this tool to research, education, and application development. In the digital marketing field, it helps you designing and implementing analytical workflows, result visualization, and model validation and optimization. It is very easy to use hence no programming skills are required.

2. Cogito

Cogito machine learning tool helps you detect human signals in your customer’s speech and predicts the kind of reaction your support and sales team offer. The ultimate goal of this tool is to empower your team with “emotional intelligence” so they know when to listen, respond, and interact with customers. This tool is also a part of artificial intelligence which also provides real-time conversation analyses and guidance.

3. Sensai

Sensai is basically a machine learning tool but it is also a part of artificial intelligence social media marketing. This tool can be used to recommend and analyses the effectiveness of your posts on social media on guides you for creating a strategy that can hit a bigger target. With the help of this tool, you will be provided with detailed analytics, data-driven plans that can help you know what you what to post on social media. It will ultimately help you in your digital marketing strategy.  

4. Import.io

This machine learning cum artificial intelligence tool will help you know about your competitors. You can do anything from competitor price research to examine all your customers’ reviews to check the most significant area for improvement. You can systemize data into a spreadsheet, visualization or machine learning algorithms. Make sure to use this tool as it offers you many possible things to do.

5. Emarsys

Emarsys is fully-featured machine learning or artificial intelligence marketing tool. It ensures to power your content, social, email, advertising, and entire strategy with the latest technologies. This is a single platform that streamlines your omnichannel marketing efforts.  

6. Amazon Machine Learning (AML)

This is a cloud-based and strong machine learning software application. Any skilled web or mobile app developer can use this tool. It helps marketers to integrate data from multiple sources: Redshift, Amazon S3, or RDS. This tool provides fundamental concepts such as data sources, evaluations, real-time predictions, and batch predictions.


This is a machine learning tool which is used for analytics, reporting, integration platform. It merges different components for machine learning and data mining. This tool is used for business intelligence, financial data analysis, and CRM. This tool is easy to use, install, and learn.


In this final note, just want to say that you if you’re into digital marketing sector then you must incorporate above machine learning tools in your marketing strategy. Machine learning (ML) is a new and innovative concept introduced in the digital world. Assimilating these ML tools will help you enhance your overall marketing business. Hence, you will be able to generate more lead generation, more conversion rates, more profit, and more revenue for your business.

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