5 cool ideas to fix slow loading websites.

ideas to fix slow loading websites

Get insight of 5 cool ideas for fixing the slow loading website issue.

Slow loading websites hinders business growth and currently the major issue in online promotion and marketing of business. There are many reasons behind slow loading of websites. Today we are going to tell you 5 major reasons and ways to fix the problems.

  1. Optimize images

If you use more High resolution and large amount of images on your site then your site loading speed decreases automatically. So optimization of images become essential and you can optimize your images by following ways:

  • By using Jpeg file format to upload the images on your site
  • Online image compression tools like TinyPNG can reduce the size of your images without compromising the quality so use these online tools.
  • In case if you are using CMS (content management system) like wordpress you can add one plugin called WPSmush this plugin automatically reduces the size of images.

2. Compress or minimize your code

Complex coding can also hinder your site loading speed and this is the issue that cannot be solved by person who doesn’t have in-depth technical knowledge.

Generally this issue arises when you are trying to do too much of customization while developing your site. This unnecessary customization creates spaces, line breaks and other issues.

There are various methods of fixing this coding issue Such as:

  • In case you are using advance or professional CMS like wordpress then wordpress has plugin called Better wordpress minify. Add this plugin to your site it will automatically minimize code.
  • In case if you are not using any CMS than pagespeed insights chrome Extension will be a helpful tool. By using this tool you can minimize various versions of your code.

3. Enable caching

The downloading percentage also affects the site loading speed it means visitors has to download same things every time when they download a page. This problem can be resolved if you activate browser caching mode.

Browser caching mode will automatically store some data on visitor system reduces the issue of loading same things again and again when user visit your webpage. 

4. Removing unnecessary plugins

Due to lack of knowledge many users add too much of plugins on their site with the sole purpose of making their site different from others. But unfortunately this affects your site loading speed and also compromises the security features of your site.

Therefore only add the plugins which suit your site and which are essential. This issue of plugins can be fixed by via GTMetrix and Google Pagespeed Insights tools.

By using this tools user can remove one plugin at a time and can also run the speed test of the deactivated plugin.

5. Use a CDN

We always say that internet is the fastest medium any one can communicate with other person across the globe. But this only a one side of coin, the other side of coin is that your site loading speed is also affected by Geographical location. The greater the distance of your site server location the slower your site will load.

But this issue can be fixed by if you use CDN (content delivery network) a feature which spreads your site content and files across the global servers. This allows far away user to access your site content or files through the servers that are closer their location. You can enable CDN feature by using Cloud flare or KeyCDN services.


Above mentioned 5 are coolest solutions for fixing the site loading speed but some solutions require technical background and knowledge. So if you have queries then do consult with some site or app developer.