25 reasons, why social media is growing surprisingly?

social media is growing surprisingly

Will you agree with me, if I say social media has become a necessity of our daily life? Of course! You will definitely agree with me, right!

Social media first introduced in the early 2000s, people didn’t have proper knowledge than how to operate it and this was the reason that it was only used by a small number of people, mostly college students, teachers, etc. And there was a lot of skepticism about its future.

Nevertheless, now we see how it has become an indispensable part of our life. not only an ordinary person taking advantage of it, but famous personalities such as actors, cricketers, politicians, singers, businessman, marketers are too using social media to promote themselves or their products or services in the market.

Isn’t it a wonder how social media has touched the sky in just a decade? Do you want to know the reasons behind the successful growth of social media? I am going to present to you with 25 reasons for the growth of social media.

Let’s see what are these reasons.

Top 25 reasons behind the surprising growth of social media!

1. Source of entertainment

This is the major reason behind the growth of social media. Every person is using social media to share comic memes, videos, images, etc. that attracts a lot of people.

2. Source of information

Apart from entertainment, social media plays a major role in conveying information worldwide. You can get any recent info about anything or anyone on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc.

3. An effective communication channel

Social media is a very good channel of communication. You can take the help of social media to get connected with your friends, relatives, teachers, colleagues, peers, etc.

4. Powerful learning and networking platform

Social media is a very good learning platform. You can join various education groups on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. to get knowledge in your any subject or field.

5. Works as a research tool

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. help us to search for anything that we want to know or look for.

6. Current event and news

Social media help people to stay up-to-date with current events, news, and information that are happening around the world.

7. Help in business

It’s another key importance behind the growth of social networking sites as they help businesses to reach their potential customers easily. They also help businesses in targeting their advertisements properly.

8. Allow you to make groups based on your interests

Social media is a very good platform for you to make groups as per your interests and hobbies. You can allow likeminded people to share their hobbies and interests globally.

9. Free tool to use

The reason behind the rise of social media is that it is a free tool that can be used by anyone. And every person on earth is using this tool for en number of reasons.

 10. Easy and convenient

Now it’s very easy to make a virtual world tour while sitting inside your home, on your comfy couch with a cup of hot coffee. Socializing, sharing, and gaining knowledge all in one place.

 11. Fill up spare time

Social media is growing day by day because people have been using it as a good source to fill up their leisure time.

12. Meet new people

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc. allow you to get connected with new people and know about their culture and country.

13. Share photos and videos

A very good way to send or share images and videos then its social media that offers you an opportunity to get anything worldwide.

14. Good promotional tool

Anyone can use social media as a promotional tool. People have been using it to promote their business, products, services, brands, etc. worldwide.

15. Brand loyalty

Social media help you build a relationship with your customers. This can increase loyalty and advocacy. And that’s why businesses are using it for the past many years.

16. Share thoughts and opinion

This is also the reason why social media has grown surprisingly it allows you to share your own thoughts and opinion globally and get connected with people instantly.

17. Popularity

Social media has become popular only because it has given fame to an end number of people in their fields. And that’s why more and more people are getting connected to it.

18. Accessibility

Social media is accessible to a lot of people with very little or no cost at all. Because of its good accessibility, it has been rising in popularity.

19. Increase traffic on your page

Social media helps you to increase the traffic to your website. That’s why many businesses are using it to share their content on social media to get more lead generations.

20. Selling to people

Social media is a great tool for any small as well as larger business to sell their products online. With the rise of social media, every person is trying to set up his business online.

21. Influencing people

Social media allows you to become an influencer in your field. This can improve engagement with your content and enhance the traffic to your own site.

22. Networking with people

social media enables you to reach out to other influencers in your field and expand your outreach much further.

23. Experience global exposure

Social media allows you to interact with people globally, indeed we get immense knowledge from it. We can know about the diverse culture present in the world.

24. Improve literacy and communication level

Generally, people don’t like reading books, but social media is the platform where people can spend 2-4 consistently reading e-books or educational videos on YouTube.

25. Political campaigns

Social media has been rising in popularity because every political around the world has been taking advantage of social media to promote their parties globally.


Social media is growing around the world unexpectedly. Now you can see that above major 25 are the reasons behind the popularity of social media. You can expect more from social media in the future. It is going to change the lives of everyone in a new different way. You may get benefit from it as well.

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