2020 SEO strategies to improve web page speed

Web page speed

While visiting a site how much you can wait for a page to load? 1 second, 2 seconds, 3 seconds, or even a minute? Talking about me I will leave the site if it doesn’t load within 2 seconds, so will you right! Why am I saying so that a site should load within 2 seconds only? Because if it’s beyond 2 seconds, that’s not good enough. According to Google, any page that loads beyond 2 seconds is slow. Furthermore, web visitors will get frustrated and infuriated with a slow loading site and eventually abandon the site for another one.  

Indeed, a fast loading site is important in this growing digital world. Fortunately, page speed is one of the considering factors search engine bots evaluate for page ranking. Moreover, when a website loads faster, users likely to become more engaged with it. So, guys if you also operate a site then you must know the speed of your page if it doesn’t load faster, then you are at the right place.

What exactly the page speed is and how it determines the rank of your site?

To put simply, page speed is a measurement of how fast the content or page on your site page loads. In other words, page speed is often described as “page load time” or “time to the first byte.” If you want to evaluate your page speed then you can check it via Google’s Page Speed Insights.

How page speed determines your site ranking – It’s very simple guys, faster page load speed is important to get high ranking by search engines. Faster page speed gives a good impression of your site. Psychologically, fast websites are considered reliable, trustworthy, consistent, and professional. A fast loading web page also helps increase your SEO which eventually boosts the overall ranking of your site.  

Some important SEO strategies to improve your web page speed in 2020

– Optimize images

Images are an important component of every webpage. So if you want to boost your website page speed and enjoy solid SEO dividends, you must optimize images on your website. If your site is filled with heavy and oversized images then your website may likely experience the slow page speed. Try to compress your image size.

– Unimportant plugins

Plugins you add to your website could become a cause of slow page speed and performance. You should understand that not every plugin is important to your site, while some are not. That’s why you need to select those plugins that will benefit your website and avoid irrelevant ones.

– Fix redirects

If your site has too many irrelevant redirects that they will create ore HTTP requests and higher load time. If you see any broken link to your site then try to fix them up as early as possible otherwise your site will keep taking a lot of time in loading.

– Keep your images small

Avoid uploading large-sized images to your site. Make your images as small as possible. Keep a few tips in mind: lower the color depth, edit the image to remove additional extras like comments, crop images to the perfect size, resize the image to reduce the size.

– Reduce irrelevant whitespace

Whitespace can increase your page load time and increase the page size. You need to examine how you can reduce the size of whitespace and make corrections where are needed and required.

– Use a content distribution network (CDN)

It is also called a content delivery network. These networks are used to distribute the load of delivering content. With this, users have faster and more reliable access to your site. 

Wrapping up!

Now you know guys that page speed is one of the most important factors in Google’s SEO ranking. Achieving a good SEO rank of your site, you must optimize every component of your site page. Likewise, you should also spend some time to check the performance of your site and its speed before you optimize it for better loading and rank. Keep one thing in mind – website having good loading speed attracts visitors faster and better.

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