2020 resolution to make digital marketing safe and secure.

New Year resolution

New Year 2020 is just around the corner. A lot of people make promises and resolutions to achieve a particular goal in their life. Not only folks but also businesses or marketers make resolutions to achieve a concrete goal of the organization. If I talk about digital marketers then this year many marketers were concerned about the safety and security of their client’s data, information, and much more. Safety and Security are the two important aspects of any business or work. However, many marketers took steps to keep their work safe and secure but not everyone was successful in doing so. Anyway, New Year is all about new opportunities, work, happiness, and resolution. As hardly a few days are left to celebrate 2020 New Year.

My purpose in writing this blog is to let marketers know that still you can safely and secure your data and information only if you are ready to make New Year’s resolution for digital marketing. I am going to highlight some points below on safety and security in digital marketing as your New Year’s resolution. Make sure you read the entire article thoroughly.

Make Your Digital Marketing Safe and Secure with the following Resolutions for 2020

Safety and security are the chief priority of any digital marketer, especially if you’re on the internet daily. Just follow the given resolution and ensure your digital marketing is secure.

1. Focus on Privacy Indicator on Website

It’s obvious that every digital marketer will have his own website to market his products in the market. So if you’re asked to put sensitive information such as phone number, credit card info, address, then must check for indictor that website is secure. Make your privacy indicator as your New Year’s resolution check it every time you input sensitive details.

2. Using anti-malware and anti-virus protection

It is the work of every hacker to use malware, malicious software that enables them to steal info from your computer. It eventually leads to damage to your device. Never try to operate a computer that doesn’t have anti-malware installed. So to secure your digital marketing contents make sure you use anti-virus software in your computers, and to secure mobile devices use the app designed for the same purpose.

3. Secure Your Social Media Accounts

Social media is an indispensable part of every marketing industry. It is a kind of platform which defines your online presence whether it’s positive or negative. Many people take advantage of social media to criticize you publically. That’s why it’s the most sensitive area for digital marketers. And many of you might be having your payment data on Facebook and Instagram for the purpose of social media advertising. So make it as your New Year’s resolution and limit access only to those who need it the most.

4. Protect your CRM platform

Running a fully-fledged business requires an important aspect of operations to store and manage customer’s data especially for marketing purposes. Here, CRM (Customer Relation Management) platform plays its role but the danger here is that hackers can track your customer’s data. How to secure it then? Using a strong password alone will not work; you need to take training on managing these platforms and limit admin access to only a few employees. This will allow you to manage and secure your customer’s data.

5. Email marketing security

Email marketing is the bread and butter of every marketer. However, emails can be attacked easily especially if you aren’t taking the right precautions. A lot of phishing scams are increasing day by day in this situation you need to go beyond to make sure that your emails appear trustworthy. To secure your email marketing by making it your New Year’s resolution.

6. Secure your contents form plagiarism

Plagiarism is the most important concern for content marketers. This can lead to a huge disadvantage in digital marketing techniques and makes it easier for your competitor to copy your content and make it as their own. You can protect your content in two aspects. First is the technical aspect in which you can store your data in a secure way to limit the damage. Second is legal protection where you include copyright symbols on every page of your web content to disable anyone to copy or steal it.

7. Keep updated yourself regularly

There are many marketers who don’t abide by this point and don’t focus on what’s trendy in the marketing industry thereby remains behind in the competition. Staying up to date is necessary, and when you do so you win half of the battle. You will get to know what the latest trends in cyber-security are and see how you can implement them in your marketing. So make this as your 2020’s resolution.

Final Words!

To sum it all up, it’s the duty of every marketer to be aware of the value of the data, files, and information they hold and not just the contact details of the clients. As you know that digital marketing is constantly evolving and hacker’s attempts are also growing getting complex.

If you take security threats seriously and work to prevent them then you must make above New Year’s resolutions to make digital marketing more safe and secure from any kind of threat. For more updates and information get in touch with us till then keep reading.