15 amazing ideas for outdoor advertising!

outdoor advertising

Advertisement is one of the most prominent ways of achieving brand awareness and sending your message to the target audience. And as a marketer, it’s not an easy task for you to convey a complex message on a medium that people will see only for a few seconds or minutes. If you want your audience to know about your company’s brand then you must use “Outdoor Advertising” in your marketing strategy.

So do you want to know more about outdoor advertisement? Just keep reading the article! I am going to share with you some ideas on outdoor advertising.

Let me share 15 amazing ideas for outdoor advertising!

1. Billboards

The ultimate element of outdoor advertising is, of course, the billboard. This is a very interesting medium where you have a large space that needs to be utilized properly so that it can be understood by people properly traveling by at a high speed.

2. 3D Street Art

As a businessman, you can take the help of a street artist to create art in advertising for your business. 3D art easily captures the eyes of your audience. In addition to the artwork provides stunning opportunities for selfies and images which easily get shared among people. This creates more opportunity for your products to be seen.

3. Grass Advertising

Grass advertising provides a great opportunity for you to create a short term publicize while also making a great story for your product or service. For this type of advertisement, you need to hire a local farmer’s field and a team of art students with paint sprays for maximum publicity.

4. Vehicle Ads

If you want to publicize your products in the market then you must utilize your van, car, or bus. You can get your vehicle painted for your products to be noticed such as put your contact details, brand details, and make it more visible so that people can easily notice your brand.

5. Rain Advertising

Rain advertising is the most innovative way of getting more customers. With rain advertisement, your ads are turned into stencils which are placed on pavements before a special water-resistance solution is applied. It’s completely invisible in dry and appears when in rain like magic!

6. Graffiti Advertising

It is also called wall murals which are an awesome way to attract your customers. This type of advertising can really help you get more customers to your business. Make sure to hire talented artists to make your graffiti advertisement look awesome and appealing.

7. Go beyond the flat image

Don’t make your advertising poster completely flat. It might cost you extra to bring some nuance to it. Flat ads are very common nowadays and people see them all day long, try to show them something that easily attracts their eyes.

8. Use Electronic Ads to tell a story

Electronic ads can be expensive, but it can help you convey your message to your target audience. You can use this technology to convey simple but powerful messages using storytelling.

9. Chalk or Vinyl Advertising

This is an amazing way of advertising about your local store or products. When you own the property or you have permission from the local council to place the adverts. Through chalk advertisement you let people know where your new store is.

10. Projection Advertising

You can use this ad to project your brand product in front of building premises. So if you have a shop in front of building premises you can use gobo projectors to shine your advert straight onto the pavement in front of your business. These ads are amazing at grabbing people’s attention at night.

11. Cross-Promotion ads with a billboard

Cross-promotion ads are about placing two advertisements side by side, but they never interact. You might have seen the unique cross-promotion ad of domino’s pizza. These ads can catch people’s eyes immediately. Creative companies can amalgamate to create a billboard that delivers twice the punch at half the cost.

12. Wi-Fi Advertising

If your billboards or posters aren’t getting the attention of your audience then you must use Wi-Fi advertisement in your marketing strategy. How does it work? Local, targeted Wi-Fi spots those customers who get free Wi-Fi in return for viewing your clickable advert on their screens.

13. Empty Shop Windows

You can advertise on empty shop shutter or window about your products or services. You can also approach local commercial estate agent and ask if you can rent the outside shop window of local retail until that is up for rent.

14. Interactive Billboards

You might have seen New York City or Los Vegas in America. This is the place where you get to see a lot of billboards posters on the wall. These billboards are so appealing to the audience that attracts their eyes to make them see these posts and take a selfie with them. This is how you promote your brand products in the market.

15. Clean Advertising

To attract local customers to your business or you want to target a very specific audience then you should consider clean advertising. Clean advertising companies offer the services to create an advert in a stencil format then put the stencil down on dirty pavements in specified locations before cleaning over the top with an industrial cleaning machine.


Outdoor advertising is the best form of advertising to attract your audience customers at a large level. Although with the growing technology, there has been a decline in outdoor advertising. Nevertheless, you can’t completely ignore it in your marketing strategy.

Make sure you apply above 15 ideas for your outdoor advertising as per your business need. You will surely get help from it by getting more customers for your business.

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