10 never follow SEO myths

SEO myths

Get insight of 10 major SEO myths

Just like time flows and brings many changes along with it. Similarly Digital marketing always go through changes as per demand and needs. SEO is an aspect of Digital marketing affected by it. When new evolution takes place in SEO there are some myths also develop. Therefore, today we are going to enlist major 10 SEO myths which just frustrate SEO professional let’s get straight into this,

Myth No 1: Use of keyword is enough to benefit the site

Well this is true keywords is an essential component of SEO but some SEO professional believes that if you use excessive keywords then the site or webpage will be ranked higher in Google.

If you are following this rule than you are in great danger stop it as soon as possible. Due to Google 2019 algorithm updates, those sites and webpages which has much more keywords will be considered as an act of ranking manipulation and your site or webpage will get penalized by Google.

Myth No 2: Rankings can be guaranteed

If any digital marketing agency or firm promise this to you than be careful you might be in trouble this is just a hoax. Ranking the site is not an easy task it takes time and effort to rank any site higher in Google search result pages.

Even if you pay to the Google to keep your site on a certain position it will only for limited period of time. So don’t trust this hoax no matter whosever promise to you.

Myth No 3: Long tail keywords perform better than shorter keywords

Well this all depends on your content.  Type of sector in which you are doing business, keywords strategy solely depends upon your business niche

For example: If you are writing medical content then long tail keywords is good strategy. But if you are writing for film industry or media sector then short keywords are enough.

Myth No 4: You cannot become no.1 if you are not using Adwords

No matter how much you believe in this, unfortunately it is only a myth.  Because if this is true than why the SEO professionals are wasting their time in creating high quality backlinks or organic content. Why don’t they just use Google Adwords simply?

Myth No 5: Having a sitemap is useless

If someone says you have a sitemap but it doesn’t help in SEO then believe us that person is totally fool. While valuing and devaluing any site or webpage Google algorithm check the sitemap. Do you know why? because sitemap creates file hosted among the other files in your account which guide the search engine about the pages that your website contains.

If you have sitemap it will also help in indexing of the pages by Google which cannot be accessed via your site menus.  In simple words sitemap ensures that all of your pages come in the radar of Google algorithm.

Myth No 6: Speed is not important

The myth which are still prevailing that quality of content matters in SEO but not the speed of site. Try to come out of day dreams because algorithm of any search engine values your site higher if it has less bounce rate.

Yes site loading speed affects the bounce rate. If your site takes more than 15 seconds to load then user will change his mind and move to another site. Google algorithm will read the bounce rate and devalue your site or webpage.  

Myth No 7: Links are not useful in SEO

Well I don’t know how many people believe on this. Yes, latest Google algorithm 2019 update has penalized the site which has large number of backlinks. But the thing is those sites are using illegal backlinks means purchasing the backlinks. If you create high quality backlinks Google will rank higher your site instead penalizes your site.  High quality backlinks will value your site higher in Google search result pages.

Myth No 8: Only the site of organic content will rate higher

This is true that having organic content will improve your site ranking but that doesn’t mean Google will penalize all those sites or pages who don’t have organic content. The truth is majority of the sites don’t have organic content neither they produce content on their own. It is not possible to write new content every day.  Google checks for plagiarism if you are writing on the topic that already had written but from completely different perspective, your words and characters and writing style is completely different than Google algorithm will not harm you

Myth No 9: Habit of comparing with bigger brands

Majority of business owners dealing in same sector compare themselves with each other. They even try to adopt the same SEO tactics which are doing by bigger brand. Making yourself according to their standard is good but copying them will only harm you.

Understanding of your audience, market size and other factors is essential do not blindly copy be creative on your approach.

Myth No 10: Social media helps you in rank

Another great myth, social media helps you in getting exposure so that your visibility gets increased. But it doesn’t help you in ranked.  If you are thinking that excessive social media posts will enhance your ranking, well the truth is that social media is not for establishing the relationship. So social media can become a medium for you to get in touch with people who can provide you high quality backlinks but it cannot enhance your ranking directly.


Above mentioned 10 factors are myths which are popular amongst SEO. If you want to do better SEO then this article will definitely help you.