10 most effective social media management tools.

social media management tools

Before discussing about the tools of social media, it is important to know about the social media management. It refers to the process of producing, analyzing, engaging content posted on various social media platforms such as twitter, Instagram Facebook etc. We all are familiar with different social media, but we don’t know how to increase our business with these social media channels. Many firms hire social media managers to reach potential consumer through online and improve their consumer base. Here I am going to tell you about different tools. With the help of these tools you can manage your social media account effectively.

Get insight of some Social Media Management Tools.

  1. Buffer:

It is the highly advanced social media management tool that allows user to schedule and publish posts across its all social media accounts. It also analyzes the results and help the user to get engage with their community.

Essential features of buffer:

  • It can schedule posts in advance and can also prepare optimized posting schedules.
  • It can automatically publish posts from RSS feeds and automations. 

2. Sprout social:

It is similar to other social media tools which combines variety of tools. It has the ability to monitor, schedule the post and analytics the post. Sprout Social software is design and developed for brands and agencies of all sizes.  It supports Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Essential features:

  • The tool can publish, schedule draft and queue posts.
  • The tool is compatible for group, profiles and post level reporting

3. Hoot suite:

The social media management tool ‘Hoot Suite’ is design and developed by Ryan Holmes in 2008. This tool has been developed for small scale business owners and entrepreneurs to support small scale industries. Hoot Suite gives you the option for bulk scheduling at a time. This tool system user interface takes the form of dashboard and provides support to social network integrations for twitter, Facebook Instagram etc.

Essential feature of Hoot suite:

  • The tool is embedded with in-built analytics to help the user to decide the best time for content posting.
  • It support Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, You Tube and WordPress.

4. Social pilot:

It is the social media management tool that helps the user to manage all the tasks across all social media platforms. It has strong client management support. You can connect your clients without need of their credentials. It has separate client dashboard. This tool is used by over 40,000 agencies and social media teams. Social pilot supports Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, VK and Tumblr.  

Essential feature of social pilot:

  • The tool has social interface for all social networks
  • With the help of this tool user can able to do custom Facebook branding easily.

5. Agora pulse:

It is a social community and moderation tool that help user to effectively manage its business and all its social networking profiles. It has social inbox features. With the help of this you can interact with every single followers and answer the reader’s query. It supports Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube.

Essential features of agora pulse:

  • The tool can monitor Hashtag and brand username
  • The tool can also prepare power point reports
  • It has basic team sharing features; you can take approval from clients, leave messages to clients.

6. Crowdfire:

It is a social media posting tool that helps user to clean and grow twitter and Instagram accounts with ease. Crowdfire works like an automated Chatbot. It reminds you and also give recommendations about your post. It is used by more than 10 million users across the globe. 

Essential features:

  • The tool comes with 3in1 scheduler along with viral Hashtag tool and suggest photo for Instagram.
  • This tool has innovative search feature, user can search both by location and keyword.

7. Co-schedule:

It is a unique social media posting tool comes with calendar system. This calendar system will help you to manage all content, emails from clients, events and much more for every project. It manages user’s daily content creation task. Via ReQueue social automation option you can fill out your social calendar. It supports Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Tumblr.

Essential feature of Co-schedule:

  • The tool comes with feature of drag and drop interface.
  • The tool also provides its user many customizable templates.

8. Edgar:

A unique social media posting tool organizes the content into categories and then add time slot to each category. After this it fill those slots with content and automatically publish them timely for you.

Essential features:

•          It builds a library full of social media content and then publishes to Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn.

•          The tool organizes your social media content into different categories.

9. Sendible:

It is a tool design and develops by keeping the advertising agencies in mind therefore has features like CRM which uses by the advertising agencies at wide scale. Sendible has separate dashboard for every client. It supports Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and Google Analytics.

Essential features:

  • The tool has integrated analytic and tracking feature
  • The tool also has 360 degree for brand and reputation monitoring and building

10. Scoop.it:

As clear from the name the tool that scoop (post) your social media content. It is the tool which is deployed by thousands of brands and firms due to its specialization in social media management. It is much more time efficient software for small businesses.

Essential features of scoop.it:

•          The tool is capable of finding the content according to user taste and preference.

•          The tool share content via social networks and blog posts


On a concluding note we can say that above mentioned tools are chosen from wide list and are the best and easy to use social media management tools. You can choose according to your need. These tools will help you to generate more leads, make powerful social media presence, grow your business and boost the interaction with clients. The company Curvearro gives you a platform to deal with all social media channels at once. To know more about it kindly get in touch with us.