10 important tips to create digital marketing reports effectively.

digital marketing reports

A good digital marketing report colors an accurate picture of ‘health of the company’! Right?

In the growing pace of technology, for every business or marketer, it is very important to keep updating his or her business activities up to date. If we look at the statistics then 80% of the companies are not getting everything out of Digital Marketing, Why? Because digital marketing is not just about propagating products or services in the market, but it’s more about keeping a record of activities that are being done in the market such as popular products, clients engagement, social overview, blog leads, etc. And this can be done through making a digital marketing report.

Nevertheless, there are many who would be thinking about why to make reports. And much would-be thinking about how to make reports. So this article will solve all your queries regarding digital marketing report but the condition is you should read the entire article to know the answer to your ‘why’ & ‘how’.     

Without wasting time let’s get started.

As it’s a known fact that digital marketing report makes work simple and effective. Still, we need to go deeper to know more about why Digital marketing report is important.

Why digital marketing report is important?

In the highly competitive market, every marketer wants to achieve his goal by establishing his business successfully in the digital market. This can only happen if you know how to keep updating your business activities in the marketing report. Every marketer should know the importance of digital marketing report, as this is what ultimately going to help them in improving their business activities in the future. A digital marketing report is not only about the outcomes of the marketing activities but also focuses on metrics and numbers that can answer your various questions such as, Is your business growing? What is your business rate of growth? What are the obstacles in growth?

With the help of the above questions, you can really help your business to optimize in the long run. There are various elements that should be included in a monthly report:

  • Client-specific data
  • Website data
  • SEO data
  • Social media data
  • Digital marketing campaign’s data etc.

Now move ahead and understand the main gist of the article i.e. tips of creating digital marketing report. I am going to highlight 10 major tips for creating digital marketing report.

10 useful tips for creating digital marketing report.

Following are the main points to be considered while making digital marketing report.

1. Always update regular data in your report

As a digital marketer; if you want to know the regular details of your work or want to improve the business activities then it’s likely you update your data on regular basis.

2. Visualize your performance

You can use the Google Analytics Traffic Dashboard that allows you to get a birds-eye view of different channels with conversion data which is helpful in answering questions for all recipients.

3. Look out meaningful activities

Your role is to determine the whole marketing strategy, not just the campaign that increases traffic. So try to add meaningful activities in your report rather than trivial matters.

4. Visualize your data in the right way

Try to include images, charts to visualize your data to people. You can also use pie charts, maps, bar graphs, line charts, etc. By using these tips you can create the perfect marketing report dashboard.

5. Highlight your business impact to your executive team

By making marketing report you can always report to you executive or CEO with full data. This is how you would be able to keep the records of all the data and information of your marketing business.

6. Website data

Website is like the company’s main door. You need to know what goes inside, takes a look inside, etc. This is why it is mandatory for you to keep information about your website clients in your report.

7. SEO data

You can add in your report about keyword ranking, organic traffic, paid search, backlinks, best performance landing pages, etc. All these activities are included in SEO that’s why all need to be updated in the report.

8. Social media data

Make sure your marketing report includes data related to social media such as clicks, likes, followers, impressions, engagement rate, etc.

9. Digital advertisement campaign data

You need to track this data (email marketing) and show your clients what worked out or whatnot. Depending on the object of campaign you should include the budget, ROI, CPC, conversion rate, click-through rate, etc.

10. Client-specific data

It becomes important to show your report if you want their appreciation. Always make sure exactly what their objectives and expectations are. You can include their goals, statistics, and important metrics.

To sum up

The end goal of digital marketing report is to optimize your client’s digital marketing activities and benefit their bottom lines. So it’s important for every marketer to make a digital marketing report keep all the records of marketing activities for business growth. Without creating digital marketing report, I don’t think any business is able to maintain and record information about business activities.

To create an effective marketing kindly make report always. For more updates get in touch with us.