10 common myths about the Digital Marketing industry.

Myths of Digital Marketing Industry

Digital marketing is a very famous buzzword in the online world. Gone are the days when people would prefer the traditional market. Today, everything is digital and technology also plays its role in the digital market. Technology is the reason due to which digital marketing industry is dynamic in nature. No doubt, marketers have got the advantage of digital marketing to reach out and connect with current and potential customers on a global scale. However, the sad part here is that myths and misconceptions have surrounded the digital marketing industry which negatively impacts marketers.

No doubt, digital marketing misconceptions are usually preached by unsound people. If you want some fruitful results from this industry then you should debunk the myths.

In this guide, I will jot down the 10 myths present in the digital marketing industry. So, let’s look at them below.

The 10 Most Common Myths of Digital Marketing Industry

1. Having one social media profile is enough

I have a business page on Facebook through which I can attract people and promote my products? This is what most of you think, right! Do you think only having a page on Facebook will work for you? No, stop following this myth no doubt your business will come to end soon. Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube, having accounts on all these platforms help you reach a wider audience. If people can’t find you on social media, you’re missing out something big in your business. So, make sure you have more than one social media accounts to attract a large number of audiences.

2. Content marketing doesn’t have that much importance

Do you also think so that content marketing isn’t important in digital marketing? If you think so then soon your business will see a major decline in it. Come on guys, today everything is online and content marketing is the only way through which you provide your products information to people. Don’t think if your website is set up then you have won the market competition. You have to keep uploading content to get higher rank on search engines. No doubt, content marketing builds trust with consumers. People read, share, and engage more with content that people share especially their friends, relatives, and others they trust.

3. SEO is dead

This is another myth that is very prominent in the digital marketing industry. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a significant part of online marketing. Many marketers and webmasters think that SEO is dead and thinking so they don’t implement it in their business. But I want to tell you that it is not like that, SEO is an important element of digital marketing that can’t be dead. In fact, SEO allows you to attract people halfway across the world as well as locals with the right strategy. If you integrate SEO with digital marketing, no doubt this strategy will surely drive more organic search results.

4. I don’t need website because I have social media

How can you think like that? Having social media accounts only will not work for you at all. I am not saying that social media is bad, no doubt social media is a great tool when it comes to digital marketing. But social media can’t replace websites at all. Being in the digital marketing industry requires a high-quality site that focuses on its tactics which is fast, easy, and frequently access by buyers. But make sure your website is updated on time, so that outcome of the business is fruitful. Also, you can’t make Google fool by operating low-quality websites because if you do so Google will penalize it by ranking it lower in the search engine results.

5. Email marketing is Dead

This myth is almost like SEO. The way people say SEO is dead, they also say that email marketing dead. Why do they say so? Actually, the general misconception businesses have is now that if they engage in email marketing their customers would treat their email as spam. However, as per the survey, it is found that people check their mailbox 1-3 times a day. If you think your emails are marked as spam then send appropriate emails with the right information, sales coupon, etc. But the thing is email marketing is the most effective and reliable platform for marketing. So, don’t ignore just explore.

6. Digital marketing is only for big businesses

Let’s face and debunk this myth also. Some people say that digital marketing is only for big businesses. Do you also think so? No doubt, competition is there in digital marketing that big businesses can handle. But it is not that small business can’t handle it at all. Digital marketing is for both small as well as large businesses. You no need call center to engage with customers and establish communication with them. In fact, you can sell products worldwide without having to establish a physical store. So, don’t think another way around, integrate it in any type of business.

7. Digital marketing is fully technical

So next myth you have is that digital marketing is fully technical and completely requires being computer specialists. I want to tell you that apart from being a technical tool, digital marketing is more about having good marketing skills. It is not just that you need to know the technical aspects of digital marketing rather you can just understand the marketing tactics and business initiatives to start your digital marketing journey. Even YouTube is there to help you out learning the things present in it.

8. Optimizing websites for mobile devices is not necessary

This is the most dangerous myth people follow in digital marketing. Today, the majority of people use smartphones to search for anything on Google and make online purchases. How do they do so? By using smartphones, right. No one will open computers and laptops to make online purchases when they have smartphones in their hands. So if your website is not optimized for mobile devices, then your customers will visit other websites. Simply means, you will lose many customers if your website is not optimized for mobile devices.

9. Bad comments will harm business

Bad comments- no doubt can damage your company’s reputation but only when you have an abundance of negative comments than positive ones. But it is not like you need to fear of negative comments from displeased users. The thing is you need to alter your thinking. All you need to do is learn how to handle negative comments. When you encounter negative comments, don’t get scared of it rather try to respond to them politely. If you get hyper and respond to something that may offend you customers will create a lot of problems for you.

10. Only massive traffic can make a successful digital marketer

This is the last myth you need to debunk here. So many people think that having massive traffic to the site will only help in making a digital marketer successful in the business. But I want to ask you all – what is the value of that traffic which is not converting into sales leads? Suppose, as a website operator you’re getting tons of traffic to your site but not generating any sales leads. Will you gain anything from such traffic? No, you will not because the key to successful digital marketing is focusing on target customers and generate more sales leads. I hope you understood what I am saying here.

To sum up

So, guys are you ready now to debunk all the myths of digital marketing now? No doubt, digital marketing myths have been in existence for quite some time and will continue to be in the future as well. But your task is just to know these myths and let them go. Don’t make a mistake by following these myths if you do so you will fail in the digital marketing business soon.

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