Pros and Cons of using SpyFu


The digital marketing sector is ever-growing. You don’t know when it takes a new shape. Therefore, managing online PPC (Pay per click) and Search Engine Optimization campaigns might be a hectic task for marketers. This is the reason marketers look for software that can help them run successful online marketing campaigns. Though there are many tools available in the market, one tool that marketers use is SpyFu. Are you also using the SpyFu tool? If yes then tell me are you fully aware of its pros and cons. Guys, everything has its pros and cons and this is a software that will definitely have that you might not know.

So this article is a guide for you if you are using SpyFu software. If you are not using then also you should read so that you have at least prior knowledge before using the tool.

Let’s start with the basics.

What is SpyFu?

In very simple words, SpyFu is a search marketing software that provides you insights on SEO, PPC, and keyword related activities. This is very cost-effective that make an online marketing campaign a successful one. You can also spy on your competitors through this tool. Moreover, you can find information on organic search usage of keywords; identify how keyword usage has changed over the past decade. You will also get information on the most profitable ads and keywords for both the organic and paid search that your competitors use.

Let’s make a move and learn about the pros and cons of SpyFu.

The Pros of SpyFu

– Helps in Domain Search

The first pro of using SpyFu is that it helps you in Domain Search. With SpyFu, you can search for domains of any kind and you can also see these keywords that you have purchased on AdWords, every ad variation, as well as organic ranks in the last years. Here you also have a chance to connect with the domains and discover traditional and online lead methods.

– Provides you Monitoring tools

Another benefit of using the SpyFu tool is that it provides you many types of monitoring tools to help you maintain your online marketing campaign. With the help of this tool, you can monitor SEO rankings and paid ads on search engines but not limited to Yahoo, Bing, and Google. It also eliminates the need for keyword search testing. Moreover, the tool also offers digital marketers and businesses a wide range of keyword management tools and resources to effectively run PPC, SEO, and Keyword campaigns.

– Reliable contact information

Who doesn’t want to get reliable contact information from their customers? When you use SpyFu it will help your business develop partnerships and generate quality sales lead. Moreover, the software’s powerful technology helps transform Google search results and Adwords data into insightful answers that can help marketers in crafting better digital marketing strategies.

– Provide Smart recommendations

Another advantage of using SpyFu is that it provides you smart recommendations that fetch you clicks to the Adwords or SEO campaigns of business. It makes marketing more effective. Moreover, the system will also detect bad keywords and eliminates them quickly. Through the tool, the user can also receive the best keywords options available.

Let’s move on to the cons of SpyFu.

The Cons of SpyFu

– Inaccurate PPC reporting

The con you will encounter while using this software is that it has some inaccuracies with the PPC reporting, especially for competitors. This simply means it will provide you limited information if you are not using the paid version of the software. You can say for metrics this is not as accurate software as others.

– Little costly

Yes, guys, the tool is a little costly. However, the tool has proved itself in terms of ROI from both improved SERPs positioning and lead generations. So any small business might not be able to afford this tool.

– More manual search is required

Yes, guys, if you use this tool then you have to do more manual research otherwise the competitor results you will get would be unrelated to the primary domain. Some keywords you will get completely unrelated. The manual search is required to get real and accurate data.

– Not web-wide coverage

The next con of using SpyFu is that its crawler does not have web-wide coverage. The database contains keywords of selected domains. Moreover, the results might be quite complicated for novice users.

Final verdict

Guys, I just want to tell you in this concluding section that SpyFu is a great research tool that you should use for your online marketing campaign. I hope you have thoroughly read the pros and cons of the tools mentioned above. If you want to use the tool in the future then make sure you know every bit of information about this tool. You can also use the free trial of this tool all you need to do is free sign-up. You will then access the number of features with free trial. If you want to enjoy the premium feature then you have to upgrade your subscription to a paid one.

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