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What is email marketing, the most asked question in the field of digital marketing. I believe I am the right person to tell the answer to this question as I’ve devoted my time to this sector for so long. So, let’s understand the concept of email marketing and know how you can do it in your business.
What do you understand by email marketing?
Simply put, email marketing is a powerful direct marketing channel where marketers use email to promote their brand’s business products and services to a large number of audiences.  I would say this is more of a personalized way of doing business and promoting products online. With email marketing, you’re able to contact customers on a more personal level. In fact, email marketing helps you with lead generation, build your brand awareness, and relationship with customers to engage with them.
Let’s understand…
How you can do email marketing?
There is a complete process that you need to follow to get started with email marketing. Want to know the process? If yes, just read the steps given below.
1. Select the email marketing service provider
If you have made up your mind to get started with email marketing, you have to find the best email marketing service provider for your business. So, the provider helps you with sending out emails to a large number of your customers and helps you get more subscribers.
2. Start collecting contacts for email marketing
In the next step, you have to focus on collecting contacts for your email marketing list. Where do you get contacts? Well, you have to think about the people who you already know, previous clients, social media followers, relatives, friends, etc. this makes a good and big list of contacts for email marketing.
3. Add contact in email marketing account
After collecting contacts, you have to add each of your contacts into an email marketing account. You can either upload a contact list or important contact from an email or outlook account. But make sure to organize your contacts into a separate sheet.
4. Now set up a welcome message for subscribers
What you need to do here is – creating a welcome message which would be the first message which all your new subscribers will receive. Welcome messages create a first impression on people. So, make sure you first write warm greetings and then talk about the purpose of your message. After setting up, your contacts will receive messages automatically.
5. Make subject headline attractive
Creating an attractive headline is one of the most significant steps in email marketing. You have to write a headline that can compel users to open your message. Try to write a headline about 4o characters highlighting the purpose of your message.
6. Preview and send your email
Before hitting the click on the send button, it is always advisable to look at the preview of the message you’re sending to your audience or customers. Preview helps you detect any mistake you made so that you can rectify it before/finally sending the message to your customers.
7. Finally, track results
This is the last step of email marketing. What you need to do here is track the email marketing results that you have generated so far. Just track open rate, click-through rate, unsubscribe rate, and many more that will help you improve your email marketing.
In the end, I would say that email marketing is the most crucial platform of online business to generate sales leads, quality traffic to the website, and yield conversion rate. I hope the answer was helpful and informative.