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Since you’re looking for the answer to this question, I believe you have passion for writing and may be looking to enhance it. Do you agree? If you agree and that’s the case here I’m going to present a list of best content marketing platforms for you that are available in the market for free. Just read on to know what platforms are available for you.
A list of content marketing platforms for you
One of the first platforms you can use for content marketing is SEMRush. This is most popular platform that most of the digital marketing companies make use of. And many online bloggers also use this platform for producing SEO friendly content with keywords.
Not only does contentstudio is content marketing tool, but also helps in performing marketing activities on various social channels. If you really want to market your blog or content then this tool is best for you. In fact, you can go premium just at $99/month. It’s kinda good deal.
This is one of the most renowned names in the digital marketing sector. HubSpot is the most used and favorite tool of all. What makes the tool favorite one is it’s all in one solution it offers to clients. Yes, the tool has everything a content marketer requires. The tool allows you to manage content, ads, emails, and many more things to do. The premium plan of this tool starts at $00/month. I guess, this could be little expensive deal for you.
Another content marketing platform you can think of using is Percolate. The tool is best and suitable for marketers who are into enterprise marketing. When you use this platform for content marketing, you can basically create content at much larger level without having to compromise with quality. If you liked this tool, then visit the company’s website and get to know all the relevant details regarding this platform.
To conclude
So, these are the top and popular content marketing platforms that you can use for creating content. All of them are of good quality. Select the one based on your needs, requirements, and pocket. I hope you found this answer informative and helpful enough.