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The most asked question in the field of digital marketing is ‘how to increase blog CTR?Well, knowing the answer of this question is important if you have a blog or website. If you’re reading this answer that means you’re also craving to know how to increase blog CTR (click through rate). Isn’t it? So, to tackle this question I’m going to enlist some crucial ways to help you increase blog CTR.
So, if you’re ready to know then keep reading below.
Some significant ways to increase blog CTR
Get creative with titles
One of the first tips you must use follow to increase blog CTR. Why I’m focusing on this is because this is first thing that people look at when they visit your website. Even if visitors don’t want to read the entire content publish on website, after reading the headline they will surely click on your site and explore it.
Make sure to add social plugins
If you’re using WordPress website, then one social plugin available to you is Yoast SEO. This is one of the best plugin available for WordPress users. If you have website on Blogger, then you may use other plugins such as SEMRush, Ahrefs, and others as well.
Create precise URL
Some bloggers or webmasters don’t consider or give much importance to URL, but this is the mistake that they make. If you want to get high CTR to your website, make sure to customize your URL and make it look clear and concise. Let me tell you that URL gives your readers and search engines information about the page or website.
Don’t forget to optimize meta description
Meta description is one of the most fundamental elements of blog or website. Meta description provides information about your blog or overall content to Google and audience. So, make sure to write it in clear and concise way and optimize it for readers and search engines.
The bottom line
These are few crucial and ideal ways which you can work on to get high CTR to your website. I hope you have read all the points thoroughly. Just follow all the point. Once you follow and implement these points in your blog or website, you will surely going to reap the benefits out of it.