Rajeev asked 4 years ago
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Nisha answered 4 years ago

Every online enterprise has to contend with the possibility of a security breach somewhere down the line. Another security issue related to digital marketing is the fact that it reaches a broad audience. Sharing a link to a website that hosts malware is much more devastating when it is done through a trusted online source, such as a Twitter account managed by a marketing firm.
In other words, cybersecurity should be a top concern among digital marketers. Neglecting this can have drastic consequences on everything from the marketing company’s bottom line, to unsatisfied clients, to endangering the online public at large. Doing work for e-commerce websites is something digital marketers are accustomed in their day to day practice. These sites usually have precautions in place to at least handle transaction data securely, often through the use of third-party service such as PayPal. Unfortunately, since acquiring customer payment data is such a lucrative prospect for hackers, e-commerce websites are constantly being attacked.
Security is the cornerstone of any online business, and this includes digital marketing. Knowing what the threats are, what kind of damage they can do, and how to overcome them is essential for succeeding in the business, so marketers should take special care to bring themselves up-to-speed on the latest cyber security trends and information.