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Writing for a blog requires no huge danger taking by your part, however the prizes are really bewildering, whenever done right. Before you are run off to begin another blog and hope to make 10000$ per month, ensure you don’t submit the accompanying publishing content to a blog botches. Since these are the explanations for failure of generally bloggers.
1. Having No Goal
Before starting a blog, find a niche that you are interested in and have knowledge about. After that, make sure every single article you write is related to that niche. This is really important; don’t build a website that has no specific objective whatsoever.
2. Thinking Blogging is Easy and Requires No or Less  Effort
Blogging is growing at an incredible rate, so new bloggers have a higher bar to climb.There are two or three great many blog entries posted every day, which implies that you should be truly one of a kind so as to be fruitful. It tends to be hard, yet the exertion will pay off toward the end. Prior to beginning a blog, plan out how long and exertion you are eager to place in your new blog. The additional time and difficult work you put in, the quicker you will arrive at your objective.
3. Choosing a Niche
Before starting your own blog, make sure the niche or topic you choose is one that you are passionate about. Try not to figure you can begin a blog on something you don’t care for expounding on. You will wear out and inevitably surrender. Pick your specialty reasonably. In the event that you like fishing, start a fishing blog that shows individuals how to fish productively; on the off chance that you like fitness, start a blog about nutrition or exercises.
4. Not Promoting Your Content
One reason why most new blogs fail is because they start a blog believing that the only thing they need is quality content. Blogging is 30% content and 70% of promotion. If you aren’t promoting your content, how people will find your article?
There are many different ways to promote your blog content. The most basic and important ones are:

  • Guest Blogging which basically means writing a guest post for another well established website.
  • Share on Facebook, Pinterest and other major social media sites.

5. Having A Nasty Design
There is an adage that first impression is the last impression, which clearly means that you only have only one chance. If your site seems old, at that point that is the way you will be dealt with. While picking a subject for your pristine blog, I suggest you put resources into a paid topic instead of a free one. Free subjects are restricted and look amateurish to numerous peruser’s eyes. Keep the plan of your subject to the base. You don’t need a site with red foundation, yellow connections and blue content. It just looks nasty. So decide to go with non-complicated design.
6. Having ads on your Blog
At the point when you are beginning a blog and attempting to expand your trust and acknowledgment with perusers, don’t utilize promotions on your site. You know why? Since promotions are nasty! Except if you are a set up blog, the peruser will connect your blog with spam. Avoid promotions until you have at any rate more than 50,000 visitors for every month. That may appear to be unforgiving to you. In any case, recollect that for each promotion click you get around 5-50 pennies in particular. So except if you have enormous traffic, it won’t present to you any huge cash.
Above I mentioned some basic reasons of failure. I hope this is helpful enough, kindly read these mistakes and try to avoid.