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Both advertising platforms are for pay-per-click advertising. And the purpose of both is to aid marketers in expanding their business reach, get quality traffic on the website, and generate maximum revenue. However, the differences which come here are between reach, cost, targeting options, and many more. Let me introduce about both platforms in brief:
Google Ads
A very famous advertising platform throughout the world. Basically, the platform consists of two networks:
– Search Network
Whenever people search for anything (or target keywords) on Google, the ads appear in search engine results.
– Display Network
If a user browses more than 2 million sites across the Google Display Network, the ads will appear on the screen.
Bing Ads
Bing is Microsoft owned advertising platform containing three search engines:

  1. Bing      2.   Yahoo      3.    AOL

When you advertise on Bing, it will show your ads on all the three platforms mentioned above (as well as on partnered site). It might attract your eyes to choose it now, but you need to know the major differences between these two. So let’s start discussing about the difference now:
1. Costing
This is one of the undeniable factors in Google Ads and Bing Ads. I must say don’t make the cost as deciding factor. However, Bing Ads would likely cost you 20-30% less than your Google Ads. But don’t forget if you spend less, you might end up earning less also. On the other hand, Google Ads has a higher average CPC of around $2 reported by WordStream while Bing Ads is lower to $1.54.
2. Reach 
Reach is another important factors to choose the advertising platforms. Without reach, your advertisement may not work unless and until it reaches out to your audience. The goal of an advertisement is to reach to your audience so that people can find your business. Google Ads offers you access to a broader audience. With this, you can reach 90% of the online audience. Whereas Bing is behind in the reach only by 5%.
3. Target audience
Targeting is another essential difference you need to look here. Ad targeting helps your business reach out target audience with success. With Google Ads, you can use the audience and content targeting. In audience targeting you have, custom intent, demographics, similar audiences, remarketing, and affinity. And in content targeting, you have keywords, topics, placements, and display expansion for search. On the other hand, Bing Ads targeting includes keywords, location, LinkedIn profile, in-market, gender, age, device, remarketing, custom audiences, time of the day, day of the week, etc.
4. Ad restrictions 
This comes under privacy and policy option. No doubt, Google is a lot stricter than Bing ads. It strict a lot of affiliate marketing links, unlike Bing ads. The list of Google Ads that prohibit ads are- adult content, alcohol, political content, legal, trademark, gambling & games, healthcare & medicines, copyright content, financial services, and bridge pages to affiliate links. On the other hand, Bing Ads prohibits content such as hate speech, dating, political & religious content, tax collection, suffering & violence, peer-to-peer file sharing, sensitive advertising, and unregulated user-generated content.
Here almost everything has been discussed, now you have to decide which one is better for you. Choose the advertising platform according o your need.