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Maneesh answered 4 years ago

There are various festive shopping days like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas Eve, Halloween, etc. Cyber Monday is the biggest festive sales days of the year. You and your business should be prepared to provide the best services to your customers during this rush time. The online sales volume during this time period is on the upward trajectory and tends to set a record every new year. So, here are some SEO tips to help you make the best of this holiday time period.
1. Search Holiday Specific Keywords: By searching for specific keywords for holiday sale that relate to your industry you can drive traffic on your site. With specific keywords, you also have to research some specific terms that users search the most during the festive season. Once you identify what specific keywords your consumers search, you’ll be able to entice them more towards your site. Use these keywords in your blog and social advertisements.
2. SEO-friendly URL: URL is the first thing through which the customer interacts with you. Always put more effort into building URLs as they can decide the engagement rate of your site. Make sure not to use the stopping keywords in the URLs. It can decrease your google analytics rank. The URLs you build should be user and search engine friendly.
3. Create Holiday Landing Pages: Most of the organic traffic comes from the landing pages. In the landing pages, the companies can create a visible call to action on their web pages. The call to action needs to be clear and understandable. So, the customers can take the desired action according to their needs.
4. Create Festive Sale Content: Try to produce content based Cyber Monday. Generate content which is emphasizing and which becomes memorable in your audience’s mind. Try to create product-based content which makes the buyer purchase instantly. The content marketing strategy will help in building a relationship with your target audience.
5. Create Mobile-friendly Environment: Nowadays customers prefer online shopping which takes place on desktop and mobile. Therefore, don’t forget to optimize the page and site speed for the desktop as well as for mobile.If you want your customer doesn’t go anywhere then you need to improve your mobile page performance. If your website is mobile optimized, it’ll have good SEO ranking pages and it’ll deliver excellent service to your customers.