Monika asked 4 years ago
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Philip answered 4 years ago

SEO is a fast-changing industry and what worked a few years or months ago may not work today. It is thus important to stay educated and informed about the latest SEO developments. Today’s SEO is about finding the perfect balance between user-centric content and convincing search engine crawlers that your content is supreme. Of course, on the journey to creating the perfect content for both humans and search, you may make some mistakes. Here I am going to explain some common mistakes which you need to avoid to get better result.

  1. Optimizing content around one keyword: In the “old days” of SEO, it was common practice to optimize web pages with a specific keyword that you wanted to rank for. Today, that practice not only provides a poor user experience for your audience, but it’s simply ineffective since search engines are becoming increasingly better at determining search intent.
  2. Neglecting mobile users: Whether you’re a B2C or B2B brand, much of your audience is likely using a mobile device to find good content. If your content isn’t mobile friendly, the user experience will be negatively impacted.
  3. Not to include relevant internal links: If you’ve attracted people to your content, you have a captive audience that’s interested and probably looking for more. As a result, internal links are critical to keeping people engaged and signaling that you have more to offer.
  4. Forgetting about image optimization: The images on your website or blog add an important visual element that can positively impact user experience. But they can also help you tell your story to search engines.
  5. Not focusing on getting quality backlinks: While link building and link earning gets a bad rap sometimes, the number of quality backlinks a website has is still an important ranking factor for search engines and links deliver interested users to your content.