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Mansi answered 3 years ago

Website redesign is all about modernizing, improving, or changing something, which already exists by making sure that the guidelines are followed correctly. It is much more than just changing its colors, menus, buttons, and forms. There’s more to website redesign than new colors, buttons, menus and forms. Businesses that initiate the process of website redesign generally have similar objectives, which include user interface, user experience, enhanced online presence and higher conversion rate. We also can say that it is all about how users perceive your brand as a whole. A beautifully-designed website helps a company in extending its scope of influence and generating leads. Here are some tips that will help you achieve those goals

  1. Develop a well-thought-out redesign strategy: Make sure to study the user feedback you’ve received since the website went live. What works well and what doesn’t, identify KPIs, set your goals and get down to competitive analysis and find several websites that you like the most. What features do they use, once you gather the initial requirements, you should put it all on paper, find a reliable vendor who will translate your business values into tech language, and choose the right development tools for your website design.
  2. Decide what you need urgently: UI design is just the tip of the iceberg, normally accounting for 30% of a web project’s lifespan. For this reason, you cannot create a detailed website redesign strategy all by yourself, as you don’t know exactly how your website will work. It really depends on your current KPIs, goals, growth strategy and budget. It is also because the smallest changes to your website’s functionality may bring up tons of changes to the UI, and vice versa and obviously, more coding means higher website redesign costs.
  3. First test then launch: I hope you decided to redesign your website and handled the process like a pro. Now comes the most exciting part – launching your website and seeing what users think about it. For this purpose, you can create an online survey and ask loyal customers to evaluate the new website. Also, you should keep an eye on your Google Analytics data to ensure you meet your KPIs.

After applying all process you have to wait calmly. Sometimes website redesign yields results immediately and in some cases, it takes months to achieve solid growth. I hope you understand about website redesign.