Vijay asked 4 years ago
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Priya answered 4 years ago

Voice SEO is the optimization of keywords and keyword phrases for searches using voice assistants. According to some SEO experts, voice SEO is required for websites to effectively show up in results for searches conducted through voice assistants. Voice search is an up and coming technology that allows people to access internet search results using nothing more than a smart device and their voice.
The potential importance of voice SEO will rise with the increased use of voice searching, which is likely as more people use mobile devices for web searches. Now there are a variety of voice-activated technologies on the market like Cortana, Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri etc. 

Vikash answered 1 year ago

Voice search SEO is the process of optimizing content on a website for voice search queries. Voice search is the use of voice commands to perform a search query, rather than typing the query into a search engine. Voice search SEO involves optimizing website content to make it more easily discoverable and relevant to users performing voice searches. To optimize for voice search, websites should focus on natural language keywords and phrases, as voice search queries tend to be more conversational and long-tail. Content should also be structured in a way that answers questions directly, as voice search users often ask questions or make specific requests. Other key considerations for voice search SEO include optimizing for local search, as voice search is often used for local queries, and ensuring that website content is mobile-friendly, as voice searches are frequently conducted on mobile devices. Additionally, it\’s important to ensure that website content is optimized for featured snippets, as these often appear in response to voice search queries. Overall, voice search SEO involves a focus on natural language, structured content, local search, mobile optimization, and featured snippets to ensure that website content is discoverable and relevant to users performing voice searches.