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We live in a society where instant gratification has become the norm. This is especially so for users who need to complete tasks and find information within a moment. Local businesses can benefit from voice search optimization the most. Voice search optimization is similar to Search Engine Optimization in that content is generated for users and the information they seek. By optimizing content for voice searches, local businesses are able to capture customers that could have potentially visited another business that was listed in the voice search inquiry. For example, a user might type “salon near me,” but using voice search, they would say “what is the nearest salon near me.” Voice search is one of the fastest-growing types of search.
If voice search optimization isn’t part of your SEO strategy, it’s time to fix that. 
How To Perform Voice Search Optimization
The method of performing voice search optimization varies in a few different ways. These are
1. Voice Search Keyword Research
Perform keyword research that both captures the target service/products and can also be posed as a question. When targeting a keyword such as “humidity in home”, think of how that keyword can be posed as a question. For voice search, this keyword could be constructed like this, “What Is The Ideal Humidity Level In A Home”. This would capture the original keyword and would also be optimized for a voice search inquiry.
2. Question Formatted Content
keyword research and content is based on the services and or products your business offers and creating content related to those offerings. With voice search optimization, content should still revolve around those offerings, but created in a question format. Since voice searches are mainly question based formats, content should be titled in the same format.
3. Mobile Friendly Websites
Since a majority of voice search inquiries come from mobile devices, it is safe to assume Google ranks websites higher for voice search inquiries that are mobile friendly. Since no one knows exactly how Google’s algorithm works, some of these claims are made based on speculation.