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Public relations (PR) refer to the variety of activities conducted by a company to promote and protect the image of the company, its products and policies in the eyes of the public. In the era of globalization, the most of the multinational companies make concrete efforts to manage and maintain its relationships with its customers. Public relations encompasses a broad range of activities, with particular attention given to those used most frequently in brand communication campaigns.
Public Relation perform following functions:
1. Publicity of Product
2. Press relations
3. Effective internal and external communication.
4.  Deal with legislators or government
5. Counseling during the good and bad times.
Public relations are a broad set of communication activities used to create and maintain favourable relations between the organisation and its publics. Public relations started as publicity, but today its scope has enlarged to an extent that it is being defined as “helping an organisation and its public adapt mutually to each other”. The scope of the PR has become so broad and wide.