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When your Chrome browser is connected to a website, you can use HTTP (insecure) or HTTPS (secure). When you receive the website not secure notification on your site, what this means is that part of the content being loaded is coming over without encryption. When the communication between your computer and your browser is in the open, the transmitted data can be viewed or tampered with.
Any page that provides an HTTP connection will result in an “insecure” warning. You should avoid conducting confidential transactions on these pages, such as logging in, providing personal information or payment information. Once personally, identifiable info is in the hands of cyber criminals, they will use these info to perform identity theft, make fraudulent purchases or even empty bank accounts. If you view dangerous or disallowed information in your country, browsing unsafe websites may put you at risk.
Google Chrome leads alert its users that a website you are using is not secure when they enter any data into a site that lacks an encrypted connection. E-commerce websites are worst affected as they contain personally identifiable info like passwords and credit card input fields. As a website owner, one of the worst feelings is seeing a website you have invested so much time and resources being labeled as “Not Secure.” There are some ways to stop not secure notification.
How to stop the “Not Secure” warning?
There is no shortcut to avoid this warning. The only way out is to face the issue head-on by getting an SSL certificate. WordPress has been on the frontline urging its users to migrate to HTTPS. Pages with forms for users to fill information should be given priority. You need to migrate entire site from HTTP to HTTPS to make it future proof against the risk that will affect all non-HTTPS websites.
According to your needs, you can pick your preferred level of SSL certificate. The 3 levels are:
• Organization Validation
• Domain validation
• Extended Validation