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Social media algorithm is a set of rules used to rank, filter and organize the content for users within certain social media platform. Its major role is to show users the content according to their preferences and previous activities on social media. Facebook was the first social network to introduce social media algorithms for its users.This is different for each network for example:

    • Instagram uses feed ranking criteria as its major algorithm on social media. Its main elements are interest, recency, and relationship.
    • For Facebook personal interaction is in the center of this new social media algorithm and marketers have to keep a close eye on these changes to remain relevant for users. You have to keep track of comments, shares and other elements that actively engage users.
    • Twitter places the most relevant posts within your timeline following your interaction with other profiles. The most important criteria for placing your posts at the top are credibility, originality of content, engagement and time spent on the account.
    • Pinterest applies smart feed algorithm to decide which pins to show to its users. If you want your content to appear in the news feed, you should care about its quality and relevance to users.
    • LinkedIn places the content within your timeline according to its relevance (based on keywords in your profile), amount of shares among other users, engagement and credibility.

How social media algorithms work?
Social media algorithm is to deliver relevant content to users on different platforms or social media network. Algorithms include AI and information science. They’re equipped for parsing information and positioning posts based on rules, that truly the normal advertiser will most likely never genuinely comprehend.
In some cases networks are straightforward about what’ll assist content with positioning and be viewed as high-caliber on their foundation.
Take the ongoing Facebook calculation changes, for instance. Facebook unequivocally spread out some standard procedures for accounts hoping to remain in their calculation’s acceptable graces: organize important discussions over exchanges, stop commitment teasing and distribute more local video content.
Prior, Instagram explained a few focuses about their calculation as clients keep on requiring a sequential request include.