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Sapna answered 4 years ago

Ad fatigue happens when your audience becomes overly familiar with your ads, gets bored of them, and stops paying attention. Ad fatigue causes your ad campaigns to become less effective over time. It also hurt your ROI very badly. Every time when we go out, switch on the television or look at our phones, we’re bombarded by advertising — so much so that many people are sick of it. Mostly we blocked these ads. It has a negative impact on ad performance, and as a result, can impact your bottom line. Therefore, it’s not a problem that can be ignored.
Social media Ad fatigue doesn’t just mean a few people getting annoyed with ads; it means a measurable impact on a campaign’s performance. Facebook’s advertising best practices advise that you change your creative every one to two weeks to avoid fatigue. In theory, that’s a great idea. Creative refreshes mean users don’t have a chance to get sick of your ads, you can stay highly relevant to current events and seasonal changes, and you’ve got a lot of scope for testing. But in reality, producing creative is time-consuming and expensive. 
Ideally, ensure that you’re carrying out ad testing of some kind at all times and refreshing your ads on at least a monthly basis. If you don’t have the resources to refresh creative that often, don’t forget that copy and call-to-action testing can also help to keep fatigue at bay.