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There are many advertisement methods available in the marketing industry from traditional TV ads to banner ads to online advertisements like social media ads. Nevertheless, one advertisement method which is in limelight is ‘Native Advertisement.’ There are a lot of marketers who still aren’t aware of this form of advertisement thereby not availing benefits of it. 
So what exactly native advertisement is? 
In very simple terms, native advertisement is the process of creating ads that are collaborated with page content, the club with design, and have consistency with the platforms so that users find ads relatable. Native ads are much different from the ads you see online or on various platforms. Unlike traditional ads, native ads don’t look like ads rather they look like the part of the editorial page containing information. The interesting thing about native ads is that it is a paid advertisement or paid content that appears in disguise. You may not realize but you can find native ads everywhere from your favourite publisher site to various social media platforms. 
Some of the examples of native ads given below: 

  • Promoted search results 
  • Advertorial in newspaper and magazines
  • Sponsored social media posts like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter 
  • Google ads

After reading about the concept of native advertisement, you would be curious to know how native advertisement works. 
The working procedure of native advertisement 
The process of native advertisement starts with the brand where a marketer pays for the advertisement content to publish on a native platform (you have already read about the platforms above). If you want to target a large number of audiences, then you need to select the right advertisement channel. Remember that the right channel plays a big role in the working process. Ultimately, the right channel will help you target audience in the end. 
Now that you are done with choosing a platform for your native ads, proceed further to create ad content that occupies the place on the platform and attracts users’ attention. As I told you that native advertisement is paid so to use the platform, you have to pay to place your ads. Once placing ads and making payment wait for the ad to get approval. After getting approval, your ad is live and visible on the platform. 
Don’t you want to know the advantages you can avail from native ads? Let’s talk about it in the next section given below. 
Some benefits of using native advertising 

  • Makes a more positive impact on your brand in the market 
  • Allows users to engage with you 
  • Native ads work well with a multi-channel digital marketing campaign 
  • Builds a large customer base for your brand 

…and so on. 
Certainly, native ads will continue to evolve in future marketing and make a huge presence on social media platforms and publishers’ sites. As a digital marketer, if you want to increase your brand presence in the market and build a huge customer base, consider using the native advertisement.