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Rushna answered 3 years ago

Digital Public Relations or you can say that an Advanced public Relations is the utilization of computerized and social advances to deal with the mindfulness and getting, notoriety and brand awareness of an organization or association, through the deliberate impact of presentation by means of digital media.
According to experts, ‘digital public relations’ is about using digital marketing and social media marketing technologies in order to communicate to the public about a particular brand. The aim of digital public relations is to:

  • Generate and awareness and understanding of the brand, and
  • To spread the word about the reputation of an organisation or company.

Digital Public Relations will use many of the typical digital marketing media in order to manage its reputation convincingly. The main tool for Digital Public Relations are such as content marketing, permission marketing, and customer engagement and social media.
Traditional PR as learned in a textbook is not that different from digital public relations. The tried-and-trusted principles that you learn from your PR professors are just as applicable in today’s modern era of PR. However all that’s different are the mediums that are used in order to transmit the messages.