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Maneesh answered 3 years ago

Digital ad trafficker also referred to as an online ad trafficker. It is responsible for developing and implementing advertising campaigns on the Internet, in order to increase brand visibility and achieve marketing objectives. We could say that the main task of an ad trafficker is to buy high quality traffic and convert it into conversions. The three primary components of the digital ad trafficking process are the creative assets provided by the creative team, the trafficking instructions provided by the media team, and the adserver configuration and tag generation done by the ad operations team.
An ad trafficker should versatile. In addition to having high-level knowledge of Internet advertising, they must also understand image editing, web programming, spreadsheets and HTML. Creativity and copywriting are also very important. Now digital ad trafficker has become essential for brands and has given rise to different specialties:

  1. Ad Trafficker specialized in Google Ads.
  2. Ad Trafficker specialized in Social Ads.
  3. Ad Trafficker specialized in physical businesses.
  4. He/she should specialized in ecommerce.
  5. Ad Traffickers specialized in Infoproducts (online courses or informative materials).

Digital ad trafficker also involves tracking advertising campaigns from the very start. Ad traffickers will be responsible for making sure an ad campaign is completed on time and available to display across specific websites or sections so that webmasters can earn affiliate commissions. Ad traffickers will need to be able to estimate how many times an individual ad campaign will be displayed, the deadline for when the ad campaign will be concluded, and the preferred placement for the advertisements. Lastly, ad traffickers will be responsible for billing the main company that placed the ads and potentially even the distribution of affiliate earnings from advertising.