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Maneesh answered 2 years ago

The term ‘conversion’ means converting to something. And when it comes to marketing, it applies on people who visit your website and take action such as downloading ebooks, subscribing your website, and making purchase.
Didn’t get it yet? Let me make it simpler and easier for you. A conversion happens when any site visitor completes a desired goal on your website (filling out a form or making a purchase). And the percentage of total visitors converting to your website is called conversion rate. Let me also tell you that conversion always depends upon the type of business you run.
The types of conversion include:

  • Sales leads
  • Email signups
  • Downloading ebooks
  • Newsletters
  • Form completions
  • Signups
  • Gated content
  • Discount downloads

And many more based on the business you run.
Have you ever thought how would you track conversion rate? You have to use conversion tracking tool to track all the conversion you have got. But how will you improve your conversion rate? Through conversion rate optimization (CRO).
What exactly conversion rate optimization is?
In very simple words, it is the process of improving your conversion rate. Here A/B testing and Split testing is most significant techniques which marketers use to test and monitor the conversion performance of multiple pages and ads. Through CRO, you can easily identity which element on your ads and pages optimize your online conversion rate. What exactly you can test? You can test different headlines, buttons, calls to action, and images on your landing pages to see which is more effective in generating more conversion to your site.
Concluding remarks
Guys, if you’re into digital marketing then conversion is very important for you to get on your website. Without getting conversion, you may not generate high ROI. And the purpose of running a website will also die. Now that you have better idea of what conversion is, how you can optimize it to get more leads and ultimately how you can track it. All these points will help you get better conversion rate to your website. I hope you the answer is informative and helpful to you.