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Maneesh answered 3 years ago

Digital Marketing is a dynamic, versatile and full of services. It comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. Digital marketing is any type of promotional activity done via the web. This includes following  marketing services:

  1. Search Engine Marketing: It is generally considered to cover both PPC and SEO work. Bringing in traffic to your website via search engines is no easy task, that’s why SEO and PPC work to look into bringing said traffic in through both paid and unpaid means.
  2. Search engine Optimization: SEO works to make your business optimised for search engines, like Google and Bing. It’s all about moving you up the search engine results page rankings to have better visibility for users searching for your website. It is an on-going strategy, and the longer you invest in it, the more results it yields. It’s not a quick fix.
  3. Pay Per click: It is a form of advertising on search engines, like Google and Bing. It’s a way of moving to the top of search engine results pages by paid means. It’s called PPC because your ad account is charged every time one of your adverts is clicked. The cost of each ad, or CPC (cost per click), depends on the quality score of your website and the selected keyword’s competition.
  4. Content Marketing: It’s not so much about directly marketing products and services to customers, but rather creating enriching and valuable content that enhances customer experience. Some of the biggest brands in the world will actively post blogs, images and videos relating to their business that are entertaining and informative too.
  5. Social Media Marketing: With social platforms like Facebook,TwitterandInstagram(to name a few) ever growing, businesses online need to invest in social media marketing in order to grow their following and reach a whole new pool of potential customers. Dependent on your business type, there’s a social network out there for you. SMM can be both a long-term or short-term investment.
  6. Email Marketing: Another form of marketing is email marketing, and you’ve guessed it, it involves email. It’s a form of direct marketing which sends information, offers, blogs etc. directly to your mailing list’s inboxes. It is a great way of reaching your customers, interacting with them after purchases or even sending them a newsletter. Be warned, sending unsolicited emails will land you a place in the spam box. So, make sure you’ve gathered your mailing list by your own means and not from a third-party company.
  7. Affiliate Marketing: It utilise those in a position of ‘power’, usually social media influencers or industry experts etc. This is to assist you in marketing a product or service to their audience. It’s become more and more popular in recent years, through sites like Instagram and YouTube, where companies will enlist a well-known influencer, to promote their products or services on their social pages or affiliate websites.

Another form of digital marketing may include television ad, radio ads, mobile ads etc. Now hopefully you understand more about the types of digital marketing. Now you’ll be able to find the right service for you. If you have any questions about digital marketing, you can speak to us.