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In case you’re running any SEO campaign, you will no doubt be stuck to your Google Analytics, viewing your natural traffic back and forth movement. It tends to be quite upsetting in case you’re on a descending direction, and at times you’re left think about why. It’s consistently worth advising yourself that Google is quite unpredictable. With roughly 500-600 calculation changes happening yearly, there’s consistently a likelihood that one change will influence your fortunes and invalidate your great SEO work. Thus, keeping on head of those progressions is an absolute necessity, in case you’re attempting to analyze issues.
Below I am going to enlist 5 tools which will help you in measure Google’s Volatility..

  1. Mozcast: It is designed to help you keep track of the day-to-day changes in the Google algorithm. Mozcast is a part of the Moz ecosystem and shows Google’s volatility as a metaphor for the weather forecast. 
  2. Accuranker Grump: As you can see the name, it shows how grumpy Google is. The worse Google’s mood, the higher the volatility. Accuranker is a paid tool, but has a freebie called Google Grump. In this tool you can segment the data by time, and it also publishes a handy reference to major Google updates wherever you see the “G” symbol at the top of the tool.
  3. Algoroo: Algoroo additionally shows Google volatility through an intuitive tool, that lets clients change the time span by means of simplified. This is an extraordinary component and gives information from 7 days to 2 years. Long term data is quite useful when you’re analyzing your SEO performance and you want to correlate it with Google algorithm changes.
  4. SERP Metric Flux: The least component rich instrument is from SERP Metrics. Also, while it doesn’t offer the same number of information choices as the others, I do like the manner in which it isolates Google and Bing information. It additionally permits you to flip between the main hundred outcomes versus page one in particular. 
  5. Advanced Web Ranking Google Algorithm Changes: It has a number of tools in their lab, one of which is the Google Algorithm changes tool. The tool allows you to view various local Google indexes, including US, US Mobile and UK among others. You can also cut the data by the top 10, 20 or 50 positions on Google, to see how fluctuations have affected different pages. Like other tools, you can view data over different lengths of time.